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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7217 exile, in Babylon
7217 exile, in Babylon

7217 exile, in Babylon

The southern kingdom of Judah was conquered by Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar. Before and after the destruction of Jerusalem in 587 B.C. the population was taken into exile in three stages.

The entire episode was within the purposes of God and under his control

The reason for the captivity 2Ki 21:11-15 See also 1Ch 9:1; Ezr 9:7

The captivity foretold by the prophets Isa 39:5-7 See also Jer 1:14-16; Jer 13:17,19; Eze 12:11; Eze 21:24

Babylon the instrument of God’s chastisement of Judah Jer 22:25; Jer 25:8-11

A remnant would be spared Eze 12:16

The historical details

Nebuchadnezzar marches against Jerusalem Da 1:1-2 See also 2Ki 25:1-21 pp 2Ch 36:17-20; Jer 39:1-10; Jer 52:4-27

The people of Judah are taken into exile in three stages Jer 52:27-30

God watches over his people during their captivity

The Lord hears and answers the prayers of his people in captivity See also Ps 69:33; Da 9:17-23; Da 10:12-14

Babylon spares certain captives, and gives them some freedom and dignity 2Ki 25:27-30; Da 1:12-20; Da 2:48-49; Da 3:30; Da 6:28

God encourages his people during their captivity Ps 69:33; Jer 29:11; Eze 36:37-38

Promises of eventual restoration

Eze 36:8

The promise of return from exile Jer 33:7-8 See also Jer 16:15; Jer 23:3; Jer 24:5-7; Jer 27:22; Jer 29:14; Jer 30:3; Jer 31:27-28; La 4:22; Eze 34:12-13; Zep 3:20

Restoration to be a demonstration of God’s grace Eze 36:22

The promise of covenant renewal See also Jer 31:31-34; Eze 34:25; Eze 36:26-27

The promise of return fulfilled 2Ch 36:22-23 pp Ezr 1:1-3; Ne 7:6

Babylonian oppressors to be punished

Jer 25:12-14 See also Jer 30:16; Jer 50:18; Jer 51:49,55-56,64; Eze 36:7

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