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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7209 congregation
7209 congregation

7209 congregation

A group of people gathered or called together for a purpose. In Scripture a congregation refers particularly to the Israelites gathered for worship; it is also used of Christians in the NT.

The congregation of the Israelites

For the giving of the Ten Commandments See also Ex 19:17; Dt 5:22

For hearing God’s word Ne 8:1-9 See also Dt 5:1; Ne 8:18; Ne 9:1-3

For praising God Ps 22:22 See also Ps 40:9-10; Ps 68:26; Heb 2:12

To make a sin offering for the sin of the community Lev 4:13-14; Nu 15:24

For the ordination of priests and Levites Lev 8:3-4; Nu 8:9

For census, retribution and major events Lev 24:14; Nu 1:18; Jos 18:1; Jdg 20:1; 1Sa 10:17

Exclusion from the assembly Dt 23:1-8

In the NT

Jewish congregations in the synagogue Lk 4:20 See also Ac 13:5,14-15; Ac 14:1

Christian congregations Ac 2:46-47 See also Ac 5:12; Ac 11:26; Ac 20:7; 1Co 14:33-34; Jas 2:2

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