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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7206 community
7206 community

7206 community

A group, small or large, of people. In Scripture it denotes the people of Israel, especially in pre-monarchic times and particularly during the period of the wilderness wanderings.

The community of Israel in the wilderness

Ex 16:1 See also Ex 17:1; Nu 13:26; Nu 20:22,29

Moses and Aaron communicate God’s instructions to the wilderness community Ex 35:1,4,20; Nu 10:2-3

Rebellion, discontent and grumbling within the wilderness community Ex 16:2-10; Nu 14:1-2,27,35-36; Nu 16:8-33,41; Nu 20:1-4; Nu 27:14

Responsibilities towards one another within the wilderness community Lev 10:6; Nu 1:53

Leaders and officials, under Moses, of the wilderness community Ex 16:22 See also Ex 34:31; Nu 26:9; Nu 31:13,26-27; Nu 32:1-5

Censuses of the wilderness community Nu 1:1-3 See also Ex 38:25; Nu 1:17-19; Nu 4:34

The community identity of pre-monarchic Israel

The importance of a community identity in matters of worship Lev 4:13-21 See also Ex 12:3-19,47-49; Lev 16:5,32-33; Nu 3:6-7; Nu 8:9-11,20-21; Nu 15:22-26; Nu 19:9

The importance of a community in legal matters Lev 20:1-5 See also Nu 15:15

God promised that the patriarchs’descendants would be a community of nations

Ge 35:11 See also Ge 28:3; Ge 48:4

The families of the priests and Levites described as a community

2Ch 31:14-18

The Jews referred to as a community in NT times

Ac 25:24

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