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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7145 remnant
7145 remnant

7145 remnant

A small group of people who remain faithful to God, despite widespread unbelief or faithlessness around them. God preserves a remnant in order to ensure a renewed and restored people in the future.

God preserves a remnant of his people

Noah and his family Ge 7:23 See also Ge 6:7-8,18; Ge 7:1,7

Joseph and the sons of Israel Ge 45:7 See also Ge 50:20

Seven thousand faithful in Israel 1Ki 19:18

Survivors of Assyria’s invasion of Judah 2Ki 19:4 pp Isa 37:4 See also 2Ki 18:13

Survivors of the destruction of Israel People from the northern kingdom of Israel who had moved to Judah and so escaped its destruction by Assyria: 2Ch 11:14; 2Ch 15:9; 2Ch 31:6; 2Ch 34:9

Judah as the remnant of God’s people 2Ki 17:18 After the fall of the northern capital, Samaria, Judah was regarded as the remnant of all Israel: 2Ki 21:14; 2Ch 34:21

Survivors of the fall of Jerusalem Those taken as exiles into Babylon: 2Ki 25:11; 2Ch 36:20 Those left behind in Judah: 2Ki 25:12 pp Jer 39:10; 2Ki 25:22-23; Jer 40:11-12,15; Jer 42:2; Jer 43:5

Those who returned after the exile Ezr 9:8 See also Ezr 2:1-2; Ezr 9:13; Ne 1:2; Hag 1:12-14

Those waiting for Jesus Christ’s coming Lk 2:25,38; Jn 1:12

The remnant as the few who escape judgment

Dt 4:27 See also Isa 10:22; Ro 9:27; Jer 6:9; Jer 44:14,28; Eze 5:12 Ezekiel prays that Israel’s destruction will not be total: Eze 9:8; Eze 11:13
Eze 17:21; Am 3:12; Am 5:3

God’s promise of hope and restoration

Hope for a remnant seen in the coming of the Messiah Isa 11:1 See also Isa 6:13; Jer 23:5; Zec 3:8

God’s promise that survivors will remain Isa 4:2-3 See also Isa 1:9; Ro 9:29; Isa 17:6; Isa 37:31-32 pp 2Ki 19:30-31; Eze 14:22; Joel 2:32

Themes associated with the remnant

The land restored to the remnant of God’s people Isa 27:12-13; Zep 2:7-10; Zec 8:6-12; Zec 10:9

A second exodus Isa 4:5-6; Isa 10:26; Isa 11:11,15-16; Isa 31:5; Jer 16:14-15

Restoration of the people Isa 10:20-21 See also Isa 11:12; Isa 28:5; Isa 35:8-10; Isa 46:3-4; Jer 31:7
Jer 23:3 See also Mic 2:12

Further promises associated with the remnant

The promise of future hope Isa 60:21-22; Isa 61:4-6; Joel 3:1; Mic 4:6-7; Mic 5:7-9

God’s promise of forgiveness to the remnant Jer 50:20 See also Isa 33:24; Jer 31:34; Jer 33:7-8; Mic 7:18

A renewed relationship with God Jer 24:5-7; Jer 32:37-40; Zep 3:12-17

The need for faithful obedience Isa 1:19; Jer 42:6-10; Jer 44:7-8; Ezr 9:14

The remnant as heirs of God’s new covenant

Jer 31:2 The promise of the new covenant is made to the surviving remnant of Israel; Jer 31:31-33

A faithful remnant among the Jews Ro 11:5 See also Lk 1:16; Lk 12:32; Ro 11:7,15,23,25-26; Jas 1:1

A faithful remnant from among the Gentiles Isa 56:6-8; Zec 14:16; Jn 10:16 Jesus Christ’s other sheep are believing Gentiles who will be gathered with the believers of Israel; Ac 15:17; Am 9:12; Ro 11:17; Eph 3:6

God’s new Israel includes all believers Mt 19:28 pp Lk 22:30; Gal 6:16; 1Pe 1:1; 1Pe 2:9

Other references to a surviving remnant

Og, king of Bashan, only survivor of the Rephaites: Dt 3:11; Jos 13:12
Jdg 20:46-47 survivors from the tribe of Benjamin; 2Ch 18:16 the scattered remains of Israel’s army under Ahab; Isa 16:4 fugitives from Moab; Isa 21:16-17 few survivors from Kedar

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