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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7130 flock, God’s
7130 flock, God’s

7130 flock, God’s

God’s people are frequently portrayed as a flock of sheep, for whom he cares with the tenderness and concern of a loving shepherd.

The divine shepherd

God portrayed as a shepherd Ps 23:1 See also Ps 80:1

Jesus Christ portrayed as a shepherd Jn 10:11 See also Mt 26:31; Zec 13:7

God’s people are his flock

Israel and Judah depicted as God’s flock Ps 77:20 See also Ps 78:52; Isa 63:11; Jer 13:17; Jer 31:10; Jer 50:17; Mic 2:12; Mic 7:14

NT believers depicted as God’s flock Ac 20:28 See also Lk 12:32; Jn 10:14-16

God cares for his flock

Isa 40:11 See also Ps 95:6-7; Eze 34:11-16; Mic 5:4; Zec 9:16

God judges his flock

Eze 34:17-24 See also Zec 11:7-16

The under-shepherds of the flock

Many of Israel’s leaders exploited God’s flock Eze 34:2-3 See also Jer 10:21; Zec 11:4-5; Jn 10:12-13

God will judge the corrupt shepherds Eze 34:7-10 See also Jer 23:1-5; Jer 25:34-36; Zec 10:3; Zec 11:17

Church leaders are to care for God’s flock 1Pe 5:2-3 See also Ac 20:28-29

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