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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7120 Christians
7120 Christians

7120 Christians

Those who belong to Jesus Christ; other designations in Scripture are believers, disciples and the children of God. Originally a nickname, the term is only used three times in the Bible.

The use of the term

Disciples first called Christians Ac 11:26

Agrippa not persuaded Ac 26:28

Suffering as a Christian 1Pe 4:16

Other biblical designations of Christians

Christians described as believers Ac 2:44 See also Ac 4:32; Ac 5:12; Gal 6:10; Jas 2:1; 1Pe 2:17

Christians described as brothers Heb 2:11 See also Ac 15:3; Col 1:2; 2Th 2:13; Rev 19:10

Christians described as disciples Mt 28:19 See also Ac 6:1,7; Ac 13:52; Ac 14:22

Christians described as children of God 1Jn 3:1 See also Jn 1:12; Ro 8:16,21; Gal 3:26-4:7

Christians described as the church Ac 12:5 See also Ac 5:11; Ac 8:1; Ac 15:3; Ro 16:5; 2Co 1:1; Col 1:18,24; 1Ti 3:15

Christians described as the elect 1Pe 1:1 See also Mt 24:22; Ro 11:7; 2Ti 2:10; Tit 1:1

Christians described as heirs of God Ro 8:17 See also Gal 3:29; Gal 4:7; Eph 3:6; 1Pe 3:7

Christians described as members of God’s household Eph 2:19 See also 1Ti 3:15

Christians described as the people of God 1Pe 2:10 See also Eph 2:19; Col 3:12; Rev 21:3

Christians described as saints Ro 1:7 See also Ro 15:25; 1Co 6:2; 2Co 1:1; 2Co 13:13; Eph 1:15,18; 1Ti 5:10; Jude 3

See also

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7115children of God
7125elect, the
7140people of God
8120following Christ
8168way, the

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