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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7110 body of Christ
7110 body of Christ

7110 body of Christ

The term refers both to the physical body of Jesus Christ, which was broken on the cross in order that redemption might be accomplished through him, and to the church.

Jesus Christ’s physical body

His birth Jn 1:14 See also Ro 1:3; Gal 4:4; 1Ti 3:16

His bodily needs Mt 8:24 pp Mk 4:38 pp Lk 8:23; Mk 11:12 pp Mt 21:18; Lk 4:2 pp Mt 4:2; Jn 4:6; Jn 19:28

His physical suffering

Mt 27:26 pp Mk 15:15 pp Jn 19:1 See also Mt 27:28-30 pp Mk 15:17-19 pp Jn 19:2-3; Lk 22:44

His real physical death Jn 19:31-37 See also Mt 27:35 pp Mk 15:24-25 pp Lk 23:33 pp Jn 19:23; Ac 2:23

His burial Mk 15:43-46 pp Mt 27:58-60 pp Lk 23:52-53 pp Jn 19:38-42

His physical resurrection Lk 24:37-43 See also Mt 28:9; Jn 20:19-20,27

The body of Christ symbolised in the Lord’s Supper

Mt 26:26 pp Mk 14:22 pp Lk 22:19 See also Jn 6:51-58; 1Co 10:16; 1Co 11:23-30

The church as the body of Christ

Believers as members of the body of Christ 1Co 12:27 See also Ro 12:4-5; 1Co 12:12; Eph 4:4; Col 1:24

Jesus Christ as the head of the body Col 1:18 See also Eph 1:22; Eph 5:23

Jesus Christ’s resurrection body is a new temple Jn 2:19-22 See also Eph 2:19-22

Life in the body of Christ

Baptism is into the body of Christ 1Co 12:13 See also Gal 3:27

Believers receive spiritual life through the body of Christ Col 2:19 See also 1Co 10:16-17; Eph 4:15-16

Believers care for each other in the body of Christ 1Co 12:25-26 See also Eph 4:25; Eph 5:29-30; Col 3:15

Believers have different gifts in the body of Christ Ro 12:4-5 See also Ro 12:6-8; 1Co 12:12-31; Eph 4:11-13

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