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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6752 substitution
6752 substitution

6752 substitution

Jesus Christ died as the substitute for sinful humanity, taking humanity’s place on the cross.

OT images of substitution

Examples of substitution Ge 22:13 See also Nu 3:12-13,41,45; Nu 8:18; 1Sa 17:9; 1Ki 20:42; La 5:7; Eze 4:4

Substitutes atoning for sin or acting as sin bearers Lev 1:4 See also Ex 28:38; Lev 16:21-22; Lev 22:19-20

Anticipations of the substitutionary work of Jesus Christ Isa 53:4-6 NT writers have interpreted the servant as Jesus Christ: see Mt 8:17 and 1Pe 2:23-25. See also Ps 69:9

The substitutionary work of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ died for believers Mk 10:45; Ro 5:6,8; 1Th 5:10 See also Jn 10:11; Jn 11:50; Ro 14:15; 2Co 5:14; Gal 2:20; Gal 3:13; 1Ti 2:6; Tit 2:14; Heb 2:9; 1Pe 2:21; 1Jn 3:16

Jesus Christ died for sin 1Pe 2:24; 1Pe 3:18 See also 2Co 5:21; Heb 9:28

Jesus Christ’s substitution as an example

2Co 5:15 See also 1Pe 2:21

Jesus Christ’s substitution as an act of love

Jn 15:13 See also Ex 32:32; Ro 9:3

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