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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6750 sin-bearer
6750 sin-bearer

6750 sin-bearer

A person or animal that acts in God’s sight in a substitutionary capacity, to whom are transferred the sins of others, together with the corresponding penalty for those sins.

The principle of accountability necessitates a sin-bearer

All are held responsible for their own sin and its consequences Lev 5:17 See also Lev 5:1; Lev 20:16-21; Lev 24:15-16; Eze 18:19-20

Individuals and nations come under God’s judgment for their sin Eze 4:4-6 Ezekiel’s behaviour foreshadowed God’s judgment on the sin of Israel and Judah. See also Eze 16:58; Eze 18:4; Mt 11:21-24 pp Lk 10:12-15; Ro 1:18-32; Ro 6:23

God’s gracious provision of a sin-bearer in the OT

God takes away the sin of those who repent Isa 44:22 See also 2Sa 12:13; Ps 103:12; Zec 3:4

The sacrifice of an animal to remove sin Lev 5:5-6 See also Lev 4:1-35; Lev 5:14-6:7

The Day of Atonement and the removal of sin Lev 16:8-10 The sacrificial goat expiated the sins of the people in the sight of God; the driving away of the scapegoat into the desert symbolised the removal of the sin of the community. See also Lev 16:15-19 the sin offering; Lev 16:20-22 the scapegoat

The function of the priests in the sin-bearing process

The priests were responsible for the sanctuary Nu 18:1-7

Strict regulations governed the performance of their service Lev 22:9 See also Ex 28:42-43; Ex 30:17-21; Lev 16:3-4

The priests bore the sin of the people in a representative capacity Ex 28:36-38 See also Lev 10:17

Jesus Christ as sin-bearer

Jesus Christ bore the sins of the world on the cross Heb 9:28 See also Isa 53:4-6,10-12; Jn 1:29; Col 2:14; Heb 10:11-14; 1Pe 2:24; 1Jn 3:5

Jesus Christ’s intercessory role as high priest 1Jn 2:1 See also Ro 8:34; Heb 7:25

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