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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6740 returning to God
6740 returning to God

6740 returning to God

Scripture declares that all humanity has turned away from God, and must return to him. The term “repentance” is often used to refer to this process of returning to God and the inward and outward changes that it demands of people. Scripture also indicates that believers can wander away from God; they too must return to him.

All people have turned away from God

Isa 53:6; Isa 64:6 See also Job 25:4; Jer 17:9; Jn 3:19; Ro 3:23

Wayward people must return to God

Isa 44:22; Hos 14:1; Zec 1:3 See also 2Ch 30:9; Ne 1:9; Job 22:23; Jer 24:7; La 3:40; Hos 6:1; Hos 12:6; Joel 2:12

Means of returning to God

Realisation of estrangement from God La 3:40 See also 1Sa 24:5; 2Sa 24:10; 2Ch 6:29-31; Ro 3:20

Acknowledgment of sin Ps 51:3 See also Ex 9:27; Nu 14:39-40; Nu 22:34; Jos 7:20; 1Sa 15:24-25; Mt 27:3-4

Sorrow for sin Ps 38:18 See also Ps 51:1-2; 2Co 7:9-10

A sense of guilt for sin 2Sa 24:10 See also Ezr 9:5-6; Ps 38:1-4,17-18; Ps 51:3; Ac 2:37-38

Repentance Isa 1:27; Ac 2:37-38 See also Isa 59:20

A parable of returning to God

Lk 15:11-24

Examples of people returning to God

Israelites: Jdg 10:15; 2Ch 15:4
2Sa 12:13-14 David; Jnh 3:5-10 the people of Nineveh

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