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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6735 repentance, examples of
6735 repentance, examples of

6735 repentance, examples of

Scripture provides examples to illustrate the importance of repentance for individuals and communities.

The repentance of individuals

The call to personal repentance Ac 2:38 See also 2Ti 2:19

Examples of individual repentance Nu 22:31-35 Balaam; 2Sa 24:10 pp 1Ch 21:8 David, after taking a census; 1Ki 21:27-29 Ahab; 2Ki 22:19 Josiah; Job 42:6 Job; Ps 51:1-17 David, following his adultery with Bathsheba; Lk 15:21 the prodigal son; Lk 18:13 the tax collector in the temple; Mt 26:75 pp Mk 14:72 pp Lk 22:61-62 Peter’s sorrow after denying Jesus Christ; Jn 21:15-17 Peter’s confession and reinstatement; Ac 8:22-24 Simon the sorcerer’s repentance may not have been genuine.

Corporate repentance

Examples of corporate repentance Jer 18:7-8; Mt 3:1-6 pp Mk 1:1-6 pp Lk 3:1-6 See also Nu 21:7 Israel in the desert; Jdg 10:15-16 Israel in the time of the judges; 1Sa 7:3-4 Israel, after asking for a king; Isa 19:22 Egypt turns to God in repentance; Ac 9:32-35 the people of Lydda and Sharon

Leaders encouraged corporate repentance Ezr 10:1 See also 2Ki 23:1-7 Josiah leads Judah in repentance; 2Ch 15:8-15 Asa leads Judah in repentance; 2Ch 30:6-9 Hezekiah leads Israel and Judah in repentance; Ezr 10:10-12 Following the exile, Ezra leads the Israelites in repentance; Jnh 3:6-8 The king of Nineveh leads the people in repentance.

Corporate repentance within the church Rev 2:4-5 See also 2Co 7:9-11; Rev 2:14-16,20-22; Rev 3:3,19-20

Symbols of repentance

1Ki 21:27; Jnh 3:5 See also 1Sa 7:6; Ezr 8:21; Ne 9:1; Jer 36:9; Joel 1:13-14; Joel 2:12

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