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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6728 regeneration
6728 regeneration

6728 regeneration

The radical renewal of a person’s inner being by the work of God’s Spirit.

The need for regeneration

Jn 3:3 See also Eph 2:1,5; Col 2:13

Regeneration is a work of God

It originates in God the Father Jn 1:12-13 Regeneration cannot be controlled by human actions or rituals; it is an act of God’s sovereign will.

It is made possible by the resurrection of Jesus Christ 1Pe 1:3 See also Eph 2:4-5

It occurs through the hearing of the Christian gospel Jas 1:18 See also 1Pe 1:23-25 The “word of God” is the good news about Jesus Christ.

It is effected by God’s Spirit Jn 3:5-8 See also Jn 6:63; Tit 3:5

Regeneration is given to those who believe in Jesus Christ

1Jn 5:1

Baptism is the sign of regeneration

Jn 3:5 Water here is seen by some, though not all, interpreters as a reference to baptism, administered by the church to new converts as a sign of their new birth and their entry into the Christian community. See also Ac 2:38-39; Eph 5:25-26; Tit 3:5

The results of regeneration

Entry into God’s kingdom Jn 3:5

A new holiness of life 1Jn 3:9 See also 1Jn 5:18; 1Pe 2:1-2

Love for other people 1Jn 4:7 See also 1Jn 5:2

Victory over the world’s sinful pattern of life 1Jn 5:4

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