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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6710 privileges
6710 privileges

6710 privileges

Spiritual and material benefits conferred upon people by God. They are given, not because of human merit, but because of God’s graciousness, and therefore carry responsibilities with them.

Privileges as the gift of God, not the result of human merit

1Co 4:7 See also Lk 1:26-38; Eph 2:8-9; Php 3:4-9

The privileged position of humanity in creation

Ps 8:3-6 See also Ge 1:26-28

The privileged position of Israel

Ro 9:4-5 See also Dt 7:7-9; 2Sa 7:22-24; Ro 11:1-12

The privileged position of the believer

The privilege of forgiveness and new life Eph 1:3-8 See also 2Co 5:17-21; Eph 2:3-9; Col 1:13-14

The privilege of access to God Eph 2:18 See also Ro 5:1-2; Heb 10:19-22; Heb 12:18-24

The privilege of knowing God Jn 17:3 See also Jn 12:44-46; Jn 14:6-7

The privilege of being God’s children Gal 4:4-7 See also Ro 8:14-17; Gal 3:26-29; Heb 12:5-11

The privilege of becoming God’s people 1Pe 2:9-10 See also Eph 2:19-22

The privilege of receiving divine insights Lk 10:23-24 See also Mt 13:10-17 pp Mk 4:10-12 pp Lk 8:9-10; Jn 15:15; 1Co 2:6-12; 1Pe 1:10-12

The privilege of being called to serve God

Jer 1:5 See also 2Sa 7:18-21; Jn 15:15-16; 1Co 15:8-10

The privilege of giving

1Ch 29:14-16 See also Ac 20:33-35; 2Co 8:1-15; 2Co 9:6-11

Privileges bring responsibilities

1Co 4:1-2 See also Mt 24:45-51 pp Lk 12:42-48; 1Co 6:19-20; Heb 13:17

Privileges can be abused

1Sa 2:12-17 Eli’s sons; 2Sa 11:1-4 King David; 1Ki 21:1-16 King Ahab; Ac 16:35-39 magistrates in Philippi; Ac 23:1-3 Ananias, the high priest

Privileges can be withdrawn

Mt 21:33-43 pp Mk 12:1-9 pp Lk 20:9-16 parable of the tenants; Mt 25:14-30 parable of the talents; Lk 19:12-27 parable of the ten minas

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