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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6703 peace, divine in OT
6703 peace, divine in OT

6703 peace, divine in OT

Providing peace for his creation is a characteristic of God. In the OT peace came through adherence to God’s will as expressed in his spoken word, covenants and law. The Hebrew word “shalom” means “peace in all its fulness, in every aspect of life”.

Peace provided for God’s people

Through obedience to God’s spoken word Ge 2:16-17 See also 2Ki 5:13-19; Job 22:21-22; Ps 85:8; Isa 54:13; Da 10:15-19

Through obedience to God’s covenants Dt 29:9 See also Dt 30:15-16; Mal 2:1-6

Through obedience to God’s laws Ps 119:165 See also Lev 26:3-12; Dt 28:1-7; 2Ch 14:2-7; Ps 37:34-38; Pr 3:13-17; Isa 48:18

Peace expressed in signs Ge 9:13-16 See also Ex 13:21-22; Ex 40:36-38; Jdg 6:22-24

Peace provided for God’s nation

Through provision of the land Ps 37:11 See also 1Sa 7:13-14; 1Ch 4:40; Ps 37:3

Through provision of a holy city Isa 33:20-24 See also Ps 122:6-8; Isa 66:10-13; Jer 33:6-9; Zec 1:16-17

Through provision of a house of God Hag 2:9 See also 1Ch 22:6-10; Eze 37:24-28

Through provision of the law Isa 48:18 See also Dt 6:1-3; Dt 30:15-16

The benefits of peace

Peace and God’s presence Isa 41:10 See also Nu 6:22-26; Jos 1:9; Ps 23:1-4; Ps 29:11; Jer 30:10-11

Peace in captivity Jer 29:7 See also Ex 1:6-12; Jer 31:1-2

Peace in suffering Ps 119:50 See also Isa 61:1-4; Jer 34:1-5

Peace in poverty Isa 14:30 See also 1Sa 2:6-9; Ps 68:5-10; Pr 17:1

Peace with enemies Pr 16:7 See also 1Ch 22:7-9; Jer 29:4-7

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