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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6691 mercy, human
6691 mercy, human

6691 mercy, human

Believers are urged to show the same qualities of mercy and compassion towards one another as God demonstrates to them. A lack of mercy is regarded as characteristic of godless people.

The need for human mercy

Pr 18:23 See also Dt 28:49-50; 2Sa 12:6; 1Ki 3:26; Job 19:21; Pr 21:10; Isa 47:6; Isa 49:15; Zec 7:9-11

Believers should be merciful

Mic 6:8; Mt 5:7; Lk 6:36 See also Zec 7:9; Jas 2:12-13; 1Pe 3:9; Jude 22

Lack of mercy characterises the godless

Isa 13:18 See also Jer 6:23; Jer 21:7; Jer 50:42; Am 1:11-12; Hab 1:13-17; Mt 23:23

Lack of mercy on Israel’s part was sometimes obedience to God

Dt 7:2 Concerning the peoples they were to displace in the promised land. See also Dt 13:6-9; Dt 19:11-13,21; Dt 28:53-54; Jos 6:17-19; 1Sa 15:18-19

Mercy as a greeting and a blessing

As a greeting 1Ti 1:2 See also 2Ti 1:2; 2Jn 3; Jude 2

As a blessing Gal 6:16 See also 2Ti 1:16-18; Jude 21

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