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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6690 mercy, response to God’s
6690 mercy, response to God’s

6690 mercy, response to God’s

God’s merciful dealings with believers should move them to show similar acts of mercy to others, as well as to rejoice in his graciousness and proclaim it to others.

The proper response to God’s mercy

A self-giving faith Ro 12:1 See also Ps 13:5; Ps 52:8; Eph 2:8; 1Ti 1:16; Heb 4:16; 1Pe 5:5; Jas 4:6

A merciful attitude towards others Lk 6:36 See also Mic 6:8; Zec 7:9; Mt 5:7; Mt 9:13; Lk 10:27-37; Jas 2:12-13

A forgiving attitude towards others Mt 6:12 pp Lk 11:4 See also Mt 6:14; Mt 18:21-35; Lk 6:37; Lk 17:3-4; 2Co 2:7; Eph 4:32; Col 3:13

Mercy is to be a characteristic of daily living Heb 13:1 See also Mt 25:37-40; Ro 12:9-21; Jude 23

By God’s mercy, the believer can persevere

2Co 4:1 See also 2Th 3:3-5

Sharing God’s grace and mercy with others

2Co 8:1 See also 2Co 5:14-20

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