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6682 mediation

6682 mediation

The achieving of fellowship and reconciliation between separated parties. Scripture declares that Jesus Christ is the only true mediator between God and humanity.

Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and humanity

1Ti 2:5-6

Mediation through the covenants

Through the covenants of law Gal 3:19 See also Ps 119:29; Jn 1:17

Through the covenants of promise Heb 12:24 See also Ge 12:3; Ge 17:7,11; Isa 59:21; Heb 8:6; Heb 9:15

Mediation through the prophetic word

Eze 3:4 See also Ex 4:15-16; Jer 1:9

Jesus Christ is the supreme mediator of the prophetic word Jn 7:40 See also Mt 11:27; Mt 17:5; Jn 14:6,9-10; Rev 19:13

Mediation through priestly intercession and blessing

Mediation by sacrifice 1Ch 21:26 pp 2Sa 24:25 See also Dt 33:10; 1Ki 18:30-38; Heb 9:22-23

Jesus Christ as both priest and sacrifice Heb 7:27 See also Isa 53:10; Heb 2:17; Heb 9:11-15

Mediation by praying for others 1Sa 12:23 See also Ge 20:7; Ex 32:30-32; Ps 106:23; Jer 9:1

Jesus Christ’s continuing intercession Ro 8:34 See also Isa 53:12; Heb 7:25; Heb 9:24

Mediation through blessing Dt 21:5 See also Ge 12:2-3; Nu 6:22-27; 2Sa 6:18 pp 1Ch 16:2

Jesus Christ mediates overflowing blessing Gal 3:14 See also Ac 3:25; Ro 15:29; Gal 3:8; Eph 1:3

Mediation for suffering and guilty believers

Job 9:32-35 See also Job 16:19-21; 1Jn 2:1

Universal mediation

Col 1:20

Mediation between people and Jesus Christ

See also Mt 12:22; Mt 15:30; Mk 2:3-12; Mk 5:23; Mk 9:17-18; Lk 4:38-39; Jn 4:47-49

Mediation between individuals

Ge 37:21-22 Reuben for Joseph; Ge 41:9-13 the baker for Joseph; 1Sa 19:1-7 Jonathan for David; 2Sa 14:1-24 Joab for Absalom; Phm 10-21 Paul for Onesimus

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