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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6663 freedom, of the will
6663 freedom, of the will

6663 freedom, of the will

The ability to make decisions without being coerced by external forces. Scripture stresses that people are confronted with free choices between good and evil and commands them to choose good. However, it also notes that limitations are placed upon human actions through the enslaving power of sin.

Freedom of the will

Freedom of the will to choose between good and evil Dt 11:26-28 See also Dt 30:15-16,19; Jos 24:15; 1Ch 28:9; Jer 26:3; Eze 18:21-23

Freedom of the will to seek and find God Isa 55:6 See also Am 5:4; Ac 2:21; Ro 10:11; Isa 28:16; Rev 22:17

The effect of sin upon freedom of the will

Sin prevents human beings from breaking free from its bondage Ro 7:14-20 See also Ro 6:16,22; Ro 7:25 Paul stresses that it is only through Jesus Christ that human beings can be freed from servitude to sin.

Sin hardens human hearts Heb 3:13 See also Da 5:20; Ro 1:21; Eph 4:17-19

God hardens human hearts Ex 9:12 See also Ex 4:21; Ex 10:20; Ex 14:4,8; Dt 2:30; Jos 11:19-20; Ro 1:22-24; Ro 9:17-18

Human beings harden their own hearts 1Sa 6:6 See also Ex 8:15,32; Ps 95:8; Pr 28:14; Heb 3:8,15; Heb 4:7

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