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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6659 freedom, acts of in OT
6659 freedom, acts of in OT

6659 freedom, acts of in OT

The OT provides many examples of God delivering his people from bondage, of which the greatest is the exodus. These acts of deliverance foreshadow and prepare the way for the redeeming work of God through Jesus Christ, revealed in the NT.

God’s people regain their freedom

The exodus from Egypt as an act of deliverance Ex 20:2 See also Ex 12:42; Ex 16:6,32 The people of Israel were frequently reminded that God had delivered them from Egypt; Jos 24:6; Jdg 6:8; 2Sa 7:6; 1Ki 8:16; 2Ch 7:22; Ps 80:8; Jer 2:6; Jer 11:4; Hos 12:9; Am 2:10; Mic 6:4; Hag 2:5; Heb 8:9; Jude 5

The return from exile in Babylon as an act of deliverance Isa 35:3-10 See also Isa 43:14-45:5,14-17; Isa 49:8-26; Isa 51:22-52:12; Isa 54:1-17; Isa 61:1-62:12; Eze 36:24-36; Eze 37:15-28

Freedom granted to individuals to reflect God’s past deliverance

Dt 15:12-15 the sabbath year: all servants to be freed after six years The Year of Jubilee: all servants and slaves to be freed every fiftieth year: Lev 25:10,39-43

God’s purposes in bringing about his people’s freedom

God sets his people free to be his own Ex 19:4; Nu 15:41; Hos 13:4

God sets his people free to serve him Ex 19:3-6; Lev 25:55

God sets his people free to praise him Isa 43:21

God sets his people free to be holy Lev 11:45; Dt 28:9-10

God sets his people free to receive his promised gifts Ex 3:8 The inheritance is the promised land of Canaan, which foreshadows the gospel inheritance of eternal life in the kingdom of God; Nu 14:7-8; Dt 8:7-9; Eze 20:6

Freedom is conditional upon obedience

Israel is commanded to remember the exodus as a matter of obedience Ex 13:8-10

Israel’s freedom depends upon continuing obedience to the Lord Dt 28:25,47-48

Examples of Israel forfeiting freedom through sin Jdg 2:14; Jdg 3:7-8,12; Jdg 4:1-2; Jdg 6:1; 2Ki 17:6-23; Ps 137:1-4

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