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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6650 finding
6650 finding

6650 finding

Discovering something or someone that is being looked for. The whole of Scripture points to God seeking out lost human beings and finding them. The delight of people at finding things (such as lost coins or wayward sons) is seen as a parable of the joy of God over repentant sinners.

Finding by searching

People do not always find what they are searching for Pr 20:6 See also Ge 27:36-40; 2Sa 17:20

God is sometimes found without being sought Ro 10:20 See also Isa 65:1; Ro 9:30-31

Promises that God can be found

Dt 4:29; Mt 7:7-8 pp Lk 11:9-10 See also Jer 29:13-14

People’s joy in finding God

Finding the kingdom Mt 13:44 See also Mt 13:45-46

Finding the infant Jesus Mt 2:9-11 See also Lk 2:10-12,16-18

Finding the Messiah Jn 1:41 See also Mk 1:36; Jn 1:45

Finding the risen Christ Jn 20:20 See also Mt 28:1-9; Lk 24:40-43

Results of finding God

Finding truth Jn 8:31-32 See also Ps 25:4-5; Jn 16:13; 1Ti 2:3-4

Finding rest and security Ps 36:7 See also Ps 91:4; Mt 11:28-29

Finding mercy Pr 28:13 See also Ps 6:9; Mt 5:7

Finding satisfaction Ecc 2:24-25

Finding success 1Sa 18:14 See also Ge 39:23

Finding life Pr 8:35 See also Mt 7:13-14; Mt 10:39

God’s joy in finding repentant sinners

Lk 15:3-7 See also Lk 15:8-32

Other aspects of finding in life

Finding things Dt 14:21; Mt 17:24-27

Finding people Ge 41:38; Ac 19:1; 2Ti 1:16-17

Finding a wife Ge 24:1-4; Pr 18:22

Finding wisdom Pr 3:13; Pr 24:14; Jas 1:5

Finding God’s will Nu 9:8; Jn 7:17; Ro 12:2

Sin finds people out Nu 32:23; 2Sa 12:1-14; Ac 5:1-11

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