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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6640 election, privileges of
6640 election, privileges of

6640 election, privileges of

God chose a people to enjoy a unique relationship with him which entailed the privilege of belonging to him, sharing in all his inheritance, serving him, praising him and proclaiming him.

God elected Israel out of all the nations of the world

Dt 7:6 See also Dt 14:1-2; 1Ki 3:8; 1Ch 16:13; Ps 105:6,43; Ps 135:4; Isa 41:8-9; Eze 20:5-6

The election of the nation is anticipated in the election of the patriarchs Dt 4:37-38 See also Dt 10:15; Ac 13:17-19

Election was not based on merit

Dt 7:7-8 See also Dt 9:4-6; Eze 16:1-14

God conferred privileges on the people he elected

Election meant that God dwelled in their midst 2Ch 6:6 See also 1Ki 14:21 pp 2Ch 12:13; 2Ki 21:7 pp 2Ch 33:7; 2Ch 6:34-35; 2Ch 7:12,16; Ne 1:9; Ps 132:13

Election meant that God showed divine favour Ps 33:12 See also Ps 65:4; Ps 106:4-5; Isa 14:1; Isa 43:1,20; Isa 44:1-5; Isa 45:4; Zec 1:17

God gave responsiblilities to the people he elected

Election calls for obedient and holy living Lev 20:26 See also Ex 19:5-6

Election means increased accountability Am 3:2 See also 2Ki 23:26

God’s choice of Israel does not automatically imply election to salvation

Ro 9:6-8 See also Ro 11:7-8

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