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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6639 election, to salvation
6639 election, to salvation

6639 election, to salvation

God chooses to bring individuals to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Election is part of God’s eternal decree

Election is from eternity Eph 1:4 See also 2Th 2:13; 2Ti 1:9

Election is God’s sovereign prerogative Ro 9:15-24; Ro 11:1-6 See also Ex 33:19; Isa 65:1; Jer 18:1-12; Jn 15:16; Jn 17:6; Ro 9:10-13; Eph 2:10

God’s election places individuals within the covenant of grace Ne 9:7-8 See also Ge 15:7-8,18-21; Ge 18:19; Gal 3:29

Election is not on the basis of merit 1Co 1:26-31 See also Dt 7:7-8; Dt 9:4-6; Jas 2:5

God’s election of his people is the foundation of his saving action

Election does not suspend God’s use of the means of salvation 2Th 2:13-14 See also Mt 1:21; Eph 2:8-10; Jas 1:18; 1Pe 1:2

Election works in tandem with the call of the gospel Mt 22:14 See also Ro 8:29-30

Election is evidenced through a positive response to the gospel 1Th 1:4-5 See also Jn 6:37-40

Election is a motive for praise

Ro 11:28-36; Eph 1:3-14 See also 1Th 1:2-4

Election is a source of practical comfort

Ro 8:31-39 See also Jn 10:27-29; Jn 17:2

Election is an incentive for righteous behaviour

Col 3:12-14 See also Jn 15:16-17; Php 2:12-13; 2Th 2:13-15; 2Pe 1:3-11

Election is a stimulus to the preaching of the gospel

2Ti 2:10

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