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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6632 conviction
6632 conviction

6632 conviction

The proving of a person guilty of sin or a crime. Scripture stresses that God has declared the guilt, together with its consequences, of sinful humanity. The term can also refer to a state of being convinced; i.e., the holding of a strong belief, especially a conscious awareness of one’s guilt and the atoning death of Jesus Christ as the means of remission of that guilt.

Conviction is proving a person guilty of sin or a crime

Proving someone guilty of sin Jn 8:46 See also Jn 16:8-9 NIV footnote at verse 8; 1Co 14:24; Jas 2:9; Jude 15

Proving someone guilty of a crime Dt 19:15 See also Ex 22:9; Lev 17:3-4 The death penalty only to be on the testimony of two or three witnesses: Nu 35:30; Dt 17:6
2Sa 14:13; Ps 5:10; Ps 109:7; Pr 24:25 Pilate found no basis for the charges against Jesus Christ: Lk 23:4,14,22; Jn 18:38 There was no proof for the charges against Paul: Ac 24:13; Ac 25:7

God’s conviction of sinful humanity

He declares them to be guilty Ro 3:19-20 See also Ps 5:9; Ps 10:7; Ps 14:1-3 pp Ps 53:1-3; Ps 140:3; Ecc 7:20; Isa 59:7-8; Ro 3:10-18

He also declares the consequences of their guilt Ge 2:17; Ge 3:17-19; Ro 1:32; Ro 5:12,16-19; 1Co 15:22

Conviction as holding a strong belief

Ro 14:5 See also Ge 45:28; Mt 17:20; Lk 20:6 pp Mt 21:26 pp Mk 11:32 The people were convinced that John was a prophet; Lk 16:31 The conversion of those who were convinced by Paul’s preaching: Ac 17:4; Ac 19:26; Ac 28:24
Ac 26:9,26; Ro 2:19; Ro 4:21; Ro 8:38-39 Paul’s conviction that it is impossible to be separated from God’s love; Ro 14:14 Paul’s personal convictions about food regulations; Ro 15:14; 2Co 5:14; Php 1:25; 1Th 1:5; 2Ti 1:5 Paul is convinced by Timothy’s faith; 2Ti 1:12; 2Ti 3:14

Conviction as the conscious awareness of one’s guilt

Examples of conviction not resulting in repentance Ex 9:27 See also Ex 10:16; Nu 14:40; Nu 22:34; Dt 1:41; Jdg 10:10 Saul: 1Sa 15:24; 1Sa 24:17; 1Sa 26:21
Mt 27:3-4 Judas Iscariot; Ac 24:25 Governor Felix

Examples of conviction leading to repentance Ac 2:37 David: 2Sa 12:13; Ps 51:3-4
Mt 26:75 pp Mk 14:72 pp Lk 22:62 Peter The prodigal son: Lk 15:17-18,21
Ac 16:30 the Philippian jailer; Ro 7:9

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