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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6617 atonement, in NT
6617 atonement, in NT

6617 atonement, in NT

In dying for the sins of the world, Jesus Christ fulfilled and replaced the OT sacrificial system, so that all who believe in him are restored to fellowship with God. Christ is the true high priest, who finally liberates his people from the guilt of sin, by offering himself as the supreme sacrifice.

The atoning purpose of Jesus Christ’s death

Jesus Christ’s death on behalf of others Jn 10:11 See also Jn 10:14-18; 2Co 5:15; Heb 2:9; 1Jn 3:16

Jesus Christ’s atoning death for sin 1Co 15:3 See also Ro 4:25; Ro 8:3; Gal 1:4; 1Pe 3:18

The atoning significance of Jesus Christ’s death is expressed by references to his blood Ro 5:9; Rev 5:9 See also Eph 2:13; 1Pe 1:18-19; 1Jn 1:7; Rev 7:14

Jesus Christ’s atoning death is commemorated in the Lord’s Supper 1Co 11:23-25 See also Mt 26:26-28 pp Mk 14:22-24 pp Lk 22:19-20

Explanations of the atonement

Jesus Christ’s death as an atoning sacrifice Ro 3:25 See also 1Co 5:7; Eph 5:2; 1Jn 4:10; Rev 5:6

Jesus Christ’s atoning death as redemption Mk 10:45 pp Mt 20:28 See also Ac 20:28; Gal 3:13-14; Eph 1:7; Col 1:13-14

The atonement is effective because of Jesus Christ’s sinlessness

2Co 5:21 See also Heb 4:15; 1Pe 2:22-24; 1Jn 3:5

Jesus Christ’s death fulfils and replaces the Day of Atonement

Jesus Christ makes atonement as the new high priest Heb 7:26-28

Jesus Christ is the mediator of the new and better covenant Heb 8:6-7; Heb 9:15

Jesus Christ has made atonement in the true heavenly sanctuary Heb 8:1-2; Heb 9:24

Jesus Christ’s atoning blood brings effective cleansing Heb 9:12-14

Jesus Christ’s single sacrifice replaces the many required under the old covenant Heb 10:11-14

Access to the heavenly sanctuary is now open Heb 10:19-20

By dying with Christ, believers are released from this age into the life of the age to come

Ro 6:1-7 See also Ro 7:4-6; Gal 2:19-20; Gal 6:14; Eph 2:6-7; Col 2:11-13

God the Father and the atoning death of his Son

God’s sending of his Son to make atonement 1Jn 4:14 See also Jn 3:16; Ro 8:32; 2Co 5:18; Gal 4:4-5

God’s grace displayed in making atonement for the ungodly Eph 2:4-5 See also Ro 5:6-8; Eph 2:8-9; Tit 3:4-5

The worldwide scope of Jesus Christ’s atoning death

1Jn 2:2 See also Jn 1:29; 2Co 5:19; 1Ti 2:5

The appropriate response to the atonement

The response of repentance Ac 3:19 See also Ac 2:38; Ac 17:30; Ac 20:21

The response of faith Ac 10:43 See also Jn 3:14-15; Ac 16:31; Ro 3:22; Gal 2:16

The response of baptism Ac 22:16 See also Ac 2:38; 1Pe 3:21

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