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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6615 atonement, necessity and nature of
6615 atonement, necessity and nature of

6615 atonement, necessity and nature of

Scripture stresses the seriousness and reality of human sin, and that human beings are unable to atone for their own sins. In his grace, God provides a means by which the situation can be remedied.

Atonement is necessary because of human sinfulness

Atonement is necessary because sin cuts people off from God Isa 59:2 See also Isa 64:7; Eze 39:23; Hab 1:13; Jn 9:31

Atonement is necessary because sin provokes God’s wrath Eph 2:1-3 See also Ge 6:5-7; Ex 32:30-35; Ro 1:18-20; Ro 2:8

God’s gracious nature is the basis for atonement

Atonement is grounded in God’s reluctance to punish sinners Eze 18:32 See also Eze 33:11; 1Ti 2:1-4; 2Pe 3:9

Atonement is grounded in God’s readiness to forgive sin Ex 34:6-7 The punishment of subsequent generations makes God’s abhorrence of sin quite clear, but the extension of his love and forgiveness “to thousands” puts the emphasis in these verses on God’s grace and compassion. See also Ps 145:8; Da 9:9; Jnh 4:2

Atonement is grounded in God’s covenant love Nu 14:19 The Hebrew word for “great love” means God’s loving faithfulness to those within the covenant. See also Ps 25:6-7; Ps 103:8-12; Joel 2:13

God’s provision of atonement is a means of dealing with sin

Atonement through sacrifice Lev 9:7 See also Ex 30:10; Nu 15:22-26

God’s promised new covenant of forgiveness was fulfilled in Jesus Christ’s atoning death Heb 10:16-17 See also Jer 31:33-34; Mt 26:28; Heb 9:15; Heb 12:24

Images used to portray the at-one-ment, or restored relationship, between God and humanity

Atonement as forgiveness of sins Eph 1:7-8 See also Lev 19:22; Ac 13:38; Col 2:13-14

Atonement as cleansing and purification Lev 16:30 See also Isa 6:6-7; Tit 2:14; 1Jn 1:7; Rev 7:14

Atonement as reconciliation 2Co 5:19 See also Ro 5:9-11; Eph 2:14-16

Atonement as healing 1Pe 2:24 See also 2Ch 7:14; Ps 103:2-3; Isa 53:5

Atonement as God buying people back for himself Rev 5:9 See also Mt 20:28 pp Mk 10:45; Ac 20:28; 1Pe 1:18-19

Atonement as making holy: creating a relationship of consecrated nearness to God Heb 10:10 See also Col 1:22; Heb 13:12

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