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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6512 salvation, necessity and basis of
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6512 salvation, necessity and basis of

6512 salvation, necessity and basis of

Scripture stresses that fallen human beings are cut off from God on account of their sin. All need to be saved, if they are to enter into a new relationship with God as their Creator and Redeemer. Salvation is not the result of human achievement, privilege or wisdom, but depends totally upon the graciousness of a loving God, supremely expressed in the cross of Jesus Christ. People must respond in repentance and faith if they are to benefit from God’s offer of salvation in Christ.

The necessity of salvation

The universal rule of sin in human nature Isa 64:6; Ro 3:19-23; Ro 5:12-18; Ro 7:24; Eph 2:3

Sin cuts humanity off from God Isa 59:1-2 See also Ge 3:22-24; Eph 2:1-5; Eph 4:18

Sin enslaves humanity to evil Jer 13:23; Hos 5:4; Zec 7:11-12; Ro 7:14-20; 2Pe 2:13-19

Salvation is grounded in the love of God

Salvation is not based on human achievement Ro 3:28; Eph 2:8-9 See also Ac 15:7-11; Ro 4:1-3; Ro 5:1-2; Gal 2:16,21; 2Ti 1:9

Salvation is grounded in God’s love for his people Eph 2:4-5 See also Dt 7:1-8; Jn 3:16-17; Ro 5:8; 2Th 2:16; 1Jn 4:9-19

Salvation is grounded in God’s grace Ro 3:22-24 See also Jn 1:16; Ac 15:11; Ro 5:15-17; 2Co 6:1-2; Eph 1:5-8; Eph 2:4-10; 1Ti 1:14-15; Tit 2:11; Tit 3:4-7; Heb 2:9

Salvation and the work of Jesus Christ

Salvation is grounded in the work of Jesus Christ Ac 5:30-31; 1Ti 1:15 See also Jn 4:42; Ac 4:10-12; Ro 5:9-10; Php 3:20-21; 2Ti 1:9-10; Tit 3:5-7; Heb 7:24-25; 1Jn 4:14

Jesus Christ’s death was totally sufficient for salvation 1Pe 3:18 See also Jn 17:1-4; Ac 4:10-12; Gal 1:3-4; Eph 1:5-10; 1Ti 2:5-6; 2Ti 1:9-10; Heb 10:10; 1Jn 4:9-10; Rev 7:9-10

Salvation demands a human decision

Jn 3:36; Ac 3:19 See also Mk 1:15; Lk 8:50; Jn 3:17-18; Ac 2:37-39; Heb 12:25; 1Pe 2:4-8; 1Jn 5:10

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