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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6257 unbelievers
6257 unbelievers

6257 unbelievers

Those who are unwilling to believe and trust in God, especially as he has made himself known in and through Jesus Christ.

Characteristics of unbelievers

A refusal to believe in God Nu 14:11; Ps 78:32; Jn 5:38; Ac 14:2

A refusal to trust in God Ps 78:22; Heb 4:2

A persistence in sin Ps 78:32

Descriptions of unbelievers

They are blind 2Co 4:4 See also Jn 9:39-41

They are disobedient Heb 3:12,18-19

Unbelievers can become believers

1Ti 1:13 See also Mk 9:24

The effect of tongues and prophecy on unbelievers

1Co 14:22-25

Relationships between believers and unbelievers

Believers should not marry unbelievers 2Co 6:14-15

An unbelieving husband or wife 1Co 7:12-16 See also 1Pe 3:1

Eating with unbelievers 1Co 10:27-29

The consequence of remaining an unbeliever

Jn 3:18 See also Lk 12:46; Jn 8:24; Jn 12:48; Rev 21:8

Examples of unbelievers

Some Israelites: Nu 14:13-39; Dt 1:34-35; 1Co 10:10
Mt 17:20 the disciples; Mk 8:11-12 some Pharisees Some Jews: Ac 14:2; Ac 17:5

See also

5135blindness, spiritual
6125condemnation, divine
6178hardness of heart
8426evangelism, motivation
9023death, unbelievers
9210judgment, God’s

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