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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6245 stubbornness
6245 stubbornness

6245 stubbornness

Proud and disobedient resistance to God’s will and rejection of his commands.

Stubbornness is an attitude of heart

Jer 7:24 See also Dt 9:27; Jdg 2:19; Ps 78:8; Isa 48:4; Jer 3:17; Jer 5:3; Jer 9:14; Jer 16:12; Jer 18:12; Hos 4:16; Zec 7:11

The practical consequences of stubbornness

Eph 4:18 See also Ex 13:15; Ex 33:3; Lev 26:19; 2Ch 26:16; Ne 9:16-17; Job 20:6-7; Ps 10:4; Pr 1:24-31; Pr 28:14; Pr 29:1 sudden destruction for the unrepentant; Isa 2:11 a humbling on judgment day; Jer 5:3; Jer 11:8; Jer 13:10; Da 5:20 King Nebuchadnezzar deposed; Hos 13:6 The people of Israel forget their God; Zep 3:11; Mk 6:51-52 Jesus Christ’s disciples amazed; Mt 18:15-17; Ro 2:5 The self-righteous store up wrath for the day of judgment.

Commands not to be stubborn

Ne 9:29 See also Ex 33:5; 2Ch 30:8; Ps 95:8; Mk 16:14

Stubbornness can be God’s judgment on sin

Isa 63:17 When people persistently refuse to obey God, he brings about a condition where they cannot obey him, and consequently cannot receive his blessing. See also Ex 4:21; Ex 14:17; Dt 2:30; Jos 11:20; Ps 81:11-12; Ro 9:18; Ro 11:7-8

God’s appeal to stubborn people

Isa 65:2 See also Ro 10:21; 2Ch 32:24-25; Job 33:16-18; Isa 46:12; Jer 7:22-24; Eze 2:4-5; Zec 7:11-12; Ac 19:8-9

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