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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6243 adultery, spiritual
6243 adultery, spiritual

6243 adultery, spiritual

In Scripture there is a close link between sexual sin and spiritual corruption and immorality as promoted by false teachers. Scripture frequently uses the language of sexual sin to expose the infidelity of God’s people.

The link between sexual sin and spiritual adultery

In practice Nu 25:1-3 See also Ex 34:15; Hos 4:14

In false teaching Rev 2:20-25 See also Nu 31:15-16; 2Ti 3:6; 2Pe 2:13-15; Jude 4,8; Rev 2:14-16

Spiritual adultery and God’s covenant relationship with his people

God as a husband to his people Eze 16:8 The spiritual relationship between God and his people is defined in terms of the intimate and exclusive bond of marriage. See also Isa 54:5; Jer 3:14; Jer 31:32; Eph 5:31-32

God is jealous for his people’s affections Ex 34:14 Just as husband and wife are jealous for their relationship in love, so God is jealous for the affections of his people. See also Ex 20:4-5; Dt 4:23-24; Dt 6:13-15

The history of spiritual adultery among God’s people

Before Israel’s kings Dt 31:16 See also Lev 17:7-9; Lev 20:4-6; Jdg 2:16-17; Jdg 8:27,33-34

In the northern kingdom of Israel Hos 1:2 See also 1Ch 5:25; Eze 23:1-8; Hos 2:2-3; Hos 4:10-12; Hos 5:3-4

In the southern kingdom of Judah Jer 3:1-3 See also 2Ch 21:10-11; Isa 57:3-8; Jer 2:20; Jer 5:7-8; Jer 23:13-14; Eze 16:15-22; Eze 23:11-21

In Jesus Christ’s generation Mt 12:38-39 See also Mt 16:4

God’s judgment on spiritual adultery

Jer 19:3-5 See also Jer 3:6-10; Jer 16:10-13; Eze 23:36-49

Believers are not to be drawn into spiritual adultery

1Jn 2:15-17 See also 1Co 10:6-11; Col 3:5; Heb 3:12-14; Heb 10:26-31; Jas 4:4-5; 1Jn 5:21

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