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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6242 adultery
6242 adultery

6242 adultery

Sexual relations involving at least one partner who is married to someone else. Such relations break the marriage covenant and are condemned in Scripture. Jesus Christ extended the understanding of adultery to include inner lust.

Adultery is condemned by God

God’s law forbids it Ex 20:14 pp Dt 5:18 See also Lev 18:20; Mt 19:18 pp Mk 10:19 pp Lk 18:20; Jas 2:11

It is listed with other evil practices Ps 50:18; Jer 7:9-10; Hos 4:1-2; Lk 18:11; 1Ti 1:9-10

The lure of adultery

It begins with lust Pr 6:25; Mt 5:27-28 See also 2Sa 11:2-3; Job 31:1,9; Jer 5:8; Mt 15:19

It is seductive Pr 7:14-21 See also Pr 5:3,20

It is secretive Job 24:15; Pr 7:8-10; Pr 30:20

It is a snare to the unwary Pr 7:7; Pr 22:14; Ecc 7:26

It is resisted by the wise Pr 2:16 See also Ge 39:7-12; Pr 7:4-5

Adultery breaks the marriage covenant

Pr 2:17 See also Hos 2:2; Mal 2:14

The consequences of adultery

It destroys individuals and society Pr 6:32-34 See also Pr 5:4-5,9-11; Pr 6:26-29; Pr 7:22-27; Job 31:11-12

It was punishable by death under OT law Lev 20:10 See also Dt 22:22,23-24; Jn 8:4-5

Adulterers face God’s judgment Heb 13:4 See also 2Sa 12:11-12; Mal 3:5; 1Co 6:9; Rev 2:22

Remarriage after divorce may be adultery

Mt 19:9 pp Mk 10:11 See also Mt 5:32; Lk 16:18; Ro 7:3

Hypocrisy in relation to adultery

Ro 2:22 See also 2Sa 12:5-6; Hos 4:14; Jn 8:7-9

Examples of adultery

2Sa 11:1-4 See also Jer 5:7 the people of Jerusalem; Jer 29:23 the exiles in Babylon; Hos 3:1-3 Hosea’s wife, Gomer; Jn 8:3 the woman caught in adultery; 2Pe 2:14 false teachers in the church

Children born of adultery

Isa 57:3 “offspring of adulterers” was a term of abuse. See also 2Sa 12:15-18 David and Bathsheba’s child died when he was seven days old; Hos 2:4-5; Hos 5:7

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