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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6239 prostitution
6239 prostitution

6239 prostitution

Scripture condemns the offering of sex for money or favours. However, it also stresses the prospect of new life in Christ for prostitutes, and points to some prostitutes as examples of faith.

Prostitution among the heathen

For money Ge 38:15-16; Jos 2:1; Joel 3:3

Religious prostitution Ge 38:21-22; Job 36:14

Prostitution in Israel

It was forbidden under God’s law Lev 19:29; Dt 23:17-18

Priests were forbidden to marry prostitutes See also Lev 21:7,14

The penalties for prostitution Ge 38:24; Lev 21:9

Efforts to remove the shrine-prostitutes 1Ki 15:11-12; 1Ki 22:45-46

The lure of prostitution Pr 7:10 See also 1Co 6:9

The prevalaence of prostitution 1Ki 14:24 See also 1Ki 3:16; Jer 5:7; Hos 4:13-14; Hos 6:10; Mic 1:7

Warnings against prostitution

It has dire consequences Pr 6:25-27 See also Jdg 16:1-2; Pr 23:26-27; Pr 29:3; Lk 15:30

Christians must avoid it 1Co 6:15-16

Prostitutes can be redeemed

Mt 21:31-32 See also Lk 7:37-50; 1Co 6:9-11; Heb 11:31; Jas 2:25; Jos 6:22-25

Prostitution as a metaphor

For worldly corruption Rev 17:1-5 See also Isa 23:15-17; Na 3:4

For apostasy Dt 31:16 See also Ex 34:15-16; Lev 20:5; Jdg 2:17; Jdg 8:27,33; 1Ch 5:25; Ps 106:39; Isa 1:21; Eze 16:16-17,26,28,33-34,41; Eze 23:1-35; Hos 4:10-12; Hos 5:4

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