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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6218 provoking God
6218 provoking God

6218 provoking God

The arousing of God’s righteous anger in response to the sin of his people, particularly their idolatry.

God is provoked by sin and disobedience

Dt 9:7-8 See also Nu 32:9-13; Dt 31:29; Jos 7:1; 2Sa 6:6-7 pp 1Ch 13:9-10 Uzzah’s disobedience in touching the ark cost him his life; 2Sa 24:1; 1Ki 15:30; 1Ki 16:2-3,7; 1Ki 21:21-22; 2Ki 21:14-15; Isa 65:1-5; Jer 32:30-33

God is provoked by the rejection of his chosen leaders and prophets

2Ch 36:15-16 See also Nu 12:1,9

God is provoked by injustice

Ex 22:22-24 See also Isa 59:15-18; Eze 8:17; Hos 12:14

God is provoked by complaining

Nu 11:1 See also Ex 4:10-14; Nu 11:4-10,33

God is provoked by idolatry

Dt 4:25-26; Eze 16:26 See also Dt 9:16-19; Jdg 2:12-13; Jdg 3:5-8; 1Ki 14:9,15; 1Ki 16:13,26,33; 1Ki 22:53; 2Ki 17:11; 2Ki 22:17; 2Ki 23:25-27; 2Ch 28:25; Ps 78:58-59; Ps 106:28-29; Jer 7:17-19; Jer 8:19; Jer 25:6-7; Jer 44:3,8; Eze 20:28

God is provoked by human sacrifice

2Ki 17:17; 2Ki 21:6 pp 2Ch 33:6

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