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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6206 offence
6206 offence

6206 offence

A transgression or affront against the law or an individual. The gospel itself is seen as offensive by unbelievers, who are often unable to cope with its radical challenge to their unbelief.

Legal offence

Dt 21:22-23 See also Ex 21:15-25; Ex 22:1-5; Dt 19:15-21

Moral offence

Eze 22:11 See also Ex 22:16-17; Lev 18:6-23; Dt 22:13-30; 2Sa 3:8; 1Co 6:9-10

An offence to others

On a national level 1Sa 13:4 See also 2Sa 10:6 pp 1Ch 19:6; Jer 24:9

On a personal level 2Sa 16:21 See also Ge 20:1-16; Ge 40:1; 1Sa 25:14-28 Abigail seeks David’s forgiveness for Nabal’s offence; Job 19:17; Pr 17:9; Pr 18:19; Pr 19:11; Mt 13:54-57 pp Mk 6:1-4 The people of Nazareth take offence at Jesus Christ; Mt 15:1-12; Mt 17:24-27; Jn 6:53-66

Offence against God

1Ki 8:50-51 Offence against God is synonymous with sin. See also Job 7:21; Job 10:14; Job 13:23 “wrongs”, “sins” and “offence” are three important OT terms for sin; Job 14:16-17; Job 34:31-33; Ps 59:3; Ps 139:24; Isa 43:24; Isa 44:22; Isa 59:12; Eze 18:1-32 Ezekiel warns that the soul who sins will die; Eze 33:10; Eze 37:23; Eze 39:24; Am 5:12

Offence against God’s house

Nu 18:1 See also Nu 18:23

The things of God are an offence to sinful people

Jer 6:10; 1Co 1:22-24 See also Gal 5:11

A stumbling-block as an object of offence

A stumbling-block for others Ro 14:13 The concept behind the English word “offence” is one of striking against something or someone. The image of a stumbling-block conveys the idea of tripping or falling as a result of striking against such an object. See also Lev 19:14; Mt 16:23; Ro 11:9-10; Ps 69:22-23; 1Co 8:9; 2Co 6:3

A stumbling-block for oneself Eze 14:7 See also Eze 14:3-4

A stumbling-block set up by God Eze 3:20

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