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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6183 ignorance, of God
6183 ignorance, of God

6183 ignorance, of God

A lack of knowledge of God, regarded as inexcusable by Scripture. God has made his existence, nature and power known to all through creation. God himself is not ignorant of human sin, but is able to discern the real intentions of human minds and wills.

Ignorance of God is inexcusable

God is made known through creation Ro 1:18-20 As God is made known to all through nature, human ignorance of God is inexcusable. See also Ps 19:1-4; Ac 14:17; Ac 17:24-28; Ro 2:14-15

God revealed himself to Israel Ne 9:13-14 See also Ex 19:10-11,16-19; Ps 103:7; Ps 147:19-20; Eze 20:5

Ignorance of God is linked to sin and rebellion

Among the Gentiles Eph 4:18-19 See also Ex 5:2; Jn 4:22; Ac 17:23; 1Th 4:3-5

In Israel Isa 1:2-3 See also Isa 56:10; Jer 2:8-9; Jer 4:22; Jer 5:4-5; Jer 8:7-12; Jer 9:6; Jer 10:21; Hos 4:1,6; Am 3:10

Ignorance of God in the ministry of Jesus Christ

Among the religious leaders Jn 8:13-19 See also Mt 22:23-32 pp Mk 12:18-27 pp Lk 20:27-38; Jn 8:54-55; Jn 16:2-3

Among his disciples Jn 14:8-11 See also Lk 18:31-34; Jn 14:5-7

God is not ignorant of human sin and motives

Ge 6:5; Heb 4:13 See also Ex 3:7; Job 28:12-28; Ps 139:1-6; Ps 147:5; Eze 11:5; Mt 6:8; Ac 1:24

Human ignorance of sin and the revelation of God

The fall brought knowledge of sin Ge 3:22 See also Ge 3:4-7

The OT law exposed the nature of sin Ro 7:7 See also Ro 3:20; Ro 4:15; Ro 5:13

Human ignorance does not excuse sin

By individuals Lev 5:17-19 The law made provision for atonement of sins committed as a result of ignorance. See also Lev 4:27-35; Nu 15:27-29; Eze 45:20

By the nation Lev 4:13-21 See also Nu 15:22-26; Heb 9:7

By leaders Lev 4:22-26 See also Lev 4:3-12

Sin committed in ignorance incurs a lesser judgment than other sin

Lk 12:47-48 See also Pr 24:12; Ro 2:14-15

Repentance of sin committed in ignorance brings forgiveness

Ge 20:1-18 See also Ac 3:17-20; 1Ti 1:13

Ignorance of God and salvation

There is no salvation outside Jesus Christ Ac 4:12 See also Jn 14:6; 1Ti 2:5-6

Believers have a responsibility to remove ignorance of the gospel Ro 10:14-17 See also Mt 28:19-20

Ignorance and God’s judgment

The justice of God in salvation Ge 18:25 See also Dt 32:4; Ne 9:33; Pr 24:12; Da 4:37; Lk 12:47-48

God’s judgment falls on all who do not know him 2Th 1:8-10 See also Ps 79:6; Jer 10:25; Ro 2:8

God’s judgment falls severely on those who choose to disobey him Pr 1:28-32 on Israel On those who have heard the gospel: Ac 17:29-31; Heb 2:2-3; 2Pe 2:20-22

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