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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6178 hardness of heart
6178 hardness of heart

6178 hardness of heart

Primarily, in Scripture, a persistent inner refusal to hear and obey the word of God. Also, in a more general sense, an uncaring or unsympathetic attitude towards other people.

Kinds of hardness of heart

As disobedience towards God Ps 95:8-9 Referring to the disobedience of the Israelites in their wilderness wanderings. See also Heb 3:7-9
Eph 4:18 See also Pr 28:14; Zec 7:12; Ro 2:5; Heb 3:12-15; Heb 4:5-7

As the work of God Ex 10:20 God’s judgment on Pharaoh was to confirm him in his stubbornness so that he might feel the full weight of his wrath; Isa 6:10 See also Jn 12:40

As an uncaring attitude towards other people Dt 15:7 See also Ps 17:10; Ps 73:7; Ps 119:70; Mt 19:8 pp Mk 10:5; Jas 2:15-16; 1Jn 3:17

Examples of hardness of heart

Pharaoh Ex 7:13,22; Ex 8:19,32; Ex 9:7,34-35

Israel 1Sa 6:6; Jer 5:23; Jer 9:14; Jer 11:8; Jer 13:10; Jer 16:12; Jer 18:12; Jer 23:26

Zedekiah 2Ch 36:12-13

Jesus Christ’s disciples Mk 6:51-52; Mk 8:17

Jesus Christ’s generation Mt 13:15; Mt 19:8 pp Mk 10:5; Mk 3:5

Paul’s hearers Ac 28:25-27

God’s remedies for hardness of heart

Repentance Ps 51:17 See also 1Ki 8:46-49; 2Ch 34:27; Jer 3:17; Eze 18:31

A work of grace Eze 11:19 God’s promise to Israel. See also 1Ki 8:58; Jer 31:33; Eze 36:26

See also

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