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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6175 guilt, removal of
6175 guilt, removal of

6175 guilt, removal of

Through the death of Jesus Christ, God has provided a means of removing guilt, thus opening the way for believers to know the blessings of a right relationship with him.

The removal of guilt is God’s work

Jer 2:22; Jer 50:20; Ro 8:33 “Justify” is a legal term which includes the meaning “to declare not guilty”. See also 2Sa 24:10 pp 1Ch 21:8; Ps 32:1-5; Isa 6:1-6

The removal of guilt requires confession

Ps 32:5 See also 2Sa 24:10 pp 1Ch 21:8; Ps 51:14; Jer 3:12-13; Ac 11:21; Ro 2:4; 2Ti 2:25; 1Jn 1:8-9

The removal of guilt by the OT sacrificial system

Guilt removed by the guilt offering Lev 6:6-7 See also Lev 19:20-22; Ezr 10:18-19

Guilt removed by the sin offering Nu 15:27-28 See also Lev 5:5-6; Nu 6:9-11

Guilt removed by the Day of Atonement Lev 16:20-34

Animal sacrifices are ultimately ineffective in removing guilt Heb 10:1-4 See also Heb 9:9

The removal of guilt by Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death

Isa 53:10-12 This prophecy finds its ultimate fulfilment in the person of Jesus Christ; Heb 9:14 See also Jn 1:29 The point of John’s image is that Jesus Christ will be sacrificed, as lambs were, to remove people’s guilt; Ro 5:9 The blood of Jesus Christ referred to here is his shed blood, and therefore speaks of his (sacrificial) death; 2Co 5:21 Human guilt is transferred to Jesus Christ, in order that believers might become righteous before God; Tit 2:14; Heb 9:28; Heb 10:11-14; 1Jn 1:7

The results of guilt being removed

A clean conscience Heb 9:14; Heb 10:22

Peace with God Isa 53:5; Ro 5:1; Col 1:19-20

Access into God’s presence Ro 5:1-2; Eph 2:18

Joy Ps 32:1-11; Ro 5:1-2

Hope Ro 5:1-2

A desire to worship God Ps 51:14-15

A desire to serve God Isa 6:6-8; Jn 21:15-20

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