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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6173 guilt, and God
6173 guilt, and God

6173 guilt, and God

All human beings are guilty in the sight of God, and all require forgiveness and expiation of their sin. Guilt can arise through failing to know what is right, through failing to do what is right and through giving in to temptation to do wrong.

Guilt as the objective condition of sinners

Guilt results from intentional sin Lev 6:1-7; Jas 2:10 See also Nu 5:5-7; Dt 24:14-15; Ezr 9:13-15; Eze 22:1-4; Jn 16:7-8

Guilt results from unintentional sin Lev 4:13 See also Lev 4:22,27; Ac 3:17-20

Guilt as an accumulation of sin Hos 13:12 See also Ezr 9:6; Isa 1:4; Isa 24:20

God’s knowledge of human guilt

Ps 69:5 See also Ge 4:8-10; Jos 7:1-26; Jer 2:22; 1Co 4:4-5

God’s anger at human guilt

2Ch 24:18 See also Nu 32:10-13; 2Ki 22:11-13; Hos 12:13-14; Ro 1:18; Ro 2:5-8; Eph 5:6-7

God’s determination to punish the guilty

God himself punishes the guilty Nu 14:18 See also Ex 20:5; Jer 25:12; Na 1:2-3

Human judges are to punish the guilty Dt 25:1-3 See also Pr 17:15; Pr 24:23-25; Ro 13:1-5; 1Pe 2:13-14

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