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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6163 faults
6163 faults

6163 faults

Human weaknesses and failings which are sinful in themselves, and may lead to further sin. It is common, often as a means of averting blame, to put undue focus on the faults of others. However, where necessary, faults should be exposed and responsibility properly attributed. Jesus Christ lived a faultless life and God’s people are challenged to live lives that are above reproach. The church will one day be presented without fault before God.

The variety of human faults

A flawed human nature Ro 7:14-23 See also Gal 5:17; Eph 2:3; 2Pe 2:18

Human weaknesses and failings Ro 15:1 See also Ro 8:28; Ro 14:1-2

Faults in thought, word and deed Ps 78:57 disloyalty and unfaithfulness to God; Pr 14:21 not showing concern for others; Isa 53:6 selfishness in going one’s own way; Hos 7:16 unwillingness to turn to God; Jas 3:2 failure to control the tongue; Jas 4:17 failure to do what is right

Finding fault with others

Passing blame to others Ge 3:12 Adam blames Eve for his disobedience. See also Ex 32:22-24 Aaron blames the Israelites for the golden calf; 1Sa 13:11-12 Saul blames his troops’impatience and Samuel’s late arrival for his disobedience; 1Sa 15:20-21 Saul blames his soldiers for the failure to carry out God’s instructions; Mt 25:24-25 The man who buried his talent blames his action on his master’s hardness.

Criticising and judging others Mt 7:1-5 See also Jas 4:11-12; Jas 5:9; Jude 16

Finding fault with God’s appointed leaders Ex 17:3 See also Ex 15:24; Nu 14:2; Jos 9:18; Ac 11:2-3; 2Co 10:1

Finding fault with God’s people Mt 5:11 pp Lk 6:22 See also Ex 5:16-17; Ps 41:6; Ps 71:10; Da 6:24

Finding fault with God Ps 78:19 See also Ex 16:7; Nu 14:27; Nu 21:5; Eze 35:13

Finding fault with Jesus Christ Lk 6:7 pp Mt 12:10 pp Mk 3:4 See also Mt 9:3 pp Mk 2:7 pp Lk 5:21 Jesus Christ is accused of blasphemy because he claims to forgive sin; Mt 9:11 pp Mk 2:16 pp Lk 5:30 Jesus Christ is criticised for his association with “sinners”; Mt 15:2 pp Mk 7:5 Jesus Christ is criticised for failure to conform to ceremonial cleansing traditions; Mt 26:59-61 pp Mk 14:55-59 false charges brought against Jesus Christ at his trial; Jn 9:16 Jesus Christ is accused of breaking the Sabbath.

Confronting human faults

Accepting blame for one’s own faults Ps 51:3-4 See also Jnh 1:12; Lk 15:18

God holds his people at fault Jer 17:4 See also Heb 8:8-9; Jer 31:31-32

Faults cannot be hidden from God Ps 19:12; Ps 44:21; Ps 90:8; Ecc 12:14; 1Co 14:25

Confronting others with their faults Mt 18:15-17; Gal 6:1 See also Lk 17:3; Jas 5:19-20

Examples of those confronted with their faults 2Sa 12:7 David; 1Ki 14:7-9 Jeroboam; 2Ch 16:9 Asa; Da 5:23 Belshazzar; Mt 14:3 pp Mk 6:18 Herod; Ac 5:3 Ananias and Sapphira; Gal 2:11-12 Peter

God can deal with human faults

Freedom from the power of sin Ro 6:11-12; Ro 8:3-4; 2Co 5:17; Gal 5:16

Strength for service 2Co 12:9-10; Php 4:13

Forgiveness Ps 65:3; Eph 4:32; Col 2:13; 1Jn 1:9


Faultlessness shown by Jesus Christ 1Pe 2:22 See also Isa 53:9; Jn 8:46; Heb 4:15; 1Pe 1:19; 1Jn 3:5

God’s people are to be above reproach 1Pe 2:12 See also Ro 12:17-18; 2Co 8:20-21 Paul ensures that his handling of money is above criticism; Php 2:14-15 Leaders, in particular, must be above reproach: 1Ti 3:2; Tit 1:6
2Pe 3:14

The church will be presented faultless before God Jude 24-25 See also Eph 5:27; Col 1:22; 1Th 3:13; 1Th 5:23

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