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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6146 deceit, and God’s nature
6146 deceit, and God’s nature

6146 deceit, and God’s nature

Deceit is totally contrary to the nature and purposes of God. The gospel is grounded in the complete truthfulness and trustworthiness of God, whereas sin is based upon self-deception.

God’s nature and purposes are not based on deception

Deceit is contrary to the nature of God Tit 1:2 See also Jn 16:13; 1Pe 2:22

God cannot be deceived 1Ch 28:9 See also Ps 139:1; Ac 5:3; 1Co 4:5

Jesus Christ does not deceive

Isa 53:9

Satan’s power rests on deception Jn 8:44 See also Ge 3:1-4; 2Co 11:3,14; 2Th 2:9-10

The coming antichrist will rely on deception 2Jn 7 See also Mt 24:24 pp Mk 13:22; Rev 13:14

False prophets and false teachers rely on deception 2Co 11:13 See also Jer 14:14; Jer 23:26; Eze 13:6; Ac 20:30; Ro 16:18; Eph 4:14; 1Ti 4:2; Tit 1:10-11; 2Pe 2:1-3

Deception is at the heart of human sin

The fall took place through deception Ge 3:1-4,13 See also 1Ti 2:14

Deception is a characteristic of fallen human nature Jer 17:9 See also Job 15:35 Deceptive speech: Ps 5:9; Ps 10:7; Ps 35:20; Ps 36:3; Mic 6:12; Ro 3:13
Ps 38:12; Ps 116:11; Pr 12:5; Jer 9:4-5 deceptive friends and brothers; Hos 11:12; Na 3:1; Mt 15:19 pp Mk 7:21-22; Ro 1:29; 2Ti 3:13; Tit 1:12

Examples of deceit Ge 4:9 Cain Abraham: Ge 12:13; Ge 20:2
Ge 26:7 Isaac; Ge 27:19 Jacob; Ge 31:7 Laban; Ge 37:31 Joseph’s brothers; Ex 8:29 Pharaoh; Jos 9:4 the Gibeonites David: 1Sa 21:2,13
2Sa 13:6 Amnon; 1Ki 13:18 the old prophet; 2Ki 5:22 Gehazi; Mt 2:8 Herod The Pharisees: Mt 22:18 pp Mk 12:15 pp Lk 20:23

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