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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6134 coveting, prohibition of
6134 coveting, prohibition of

6134 coveting, prohibition of

Coveting is forbidden by God and can lead to terrible consequences. It occasionally refers to a commendable earnest desiring.

Coveting is forbidden by God

In the Ten Commandments Ex 20:17 pp Dt 5:21 Ro 7:7-8 Coveting is provoked by the law that forbids it. See also Ro 13:9-10

Through the prophets Isa 5:8; Isa 57:17; Eze 33:31; Am 2:6; Am 5:11-12; Am 8:5-6; Mic 2:2

In Jesus Christ’s teaching Mt 6:19-21 See also Lk 12:15

Coveting has some terrible consequences

2Sa 11:2-4 adultery; 1Ki 21:18-19 murders Failure to enter the kingdom of heaven: Mt 18:1-3; Mk 9:33-35 pp Lk 9:46-48; 1Co 6:9-10
Ac 5:3-10 God’s judgment

Further examples of coveting

Jos 7:21 See also Dt 7:25; Jos 22:20 Achan; 1Sa 2:12-15 Eli’s sons; 1Sa 8:3 Samuel’s sons; 1Sa 15:9-10 Saul; Pr 30:16; Jer 6:13; Jer 8:10; Hab 2:5 Israel’s enemies are likened to the grave, always swallowing people and never satisfied; Ac 8:13-23 Simon the sorcerer

Believers may pray to be free from coveting

Ps 119:36

Godly people claim not to have coveted

Samuel 1Sa 12:3-5

Paul Ac 20:33 See also 1Co 9:12; 2Co 7:2; 2Co 11:9; 2Co 12:14-18; 1Th 2:5

Coveting as a commendable earnest desiring

A desire for the greater spiritual gifts: 1Co 12:31; 1Co 14:1,39
1Ti 3:1 a desire to serve in a leadership role in the church

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