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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6125 condemnation, divine
6125 condemnation, divine

6125 condemnation, divine

God’s righteous condemnation is directed against human sin and wickedness.

God’s wrath causes divine condemnation

Ro 1:18-20 See also Rev 16:1-7

The reality and certainty of divine condemnation

Mk 16:15-16; Jn 5:28-29 See also Mt 12:36-37; Mt 25:31-33,41-45; 2Pe 2:4-9

People’s awareness of being under divine condemnation

2Sa 24:10 See also Ps 32:3-5; Ps 51:3-4; Da 9:7-14

Examples of divine condemnation

Condemnation of individuals Ge 3:16-19; Ac 5:1-11; Rev 20:11-15

Condemnation of groups, cities and nations Ge 11:4-9; Ge 19:23-25; Joel 3:1-8,12-13

Divine condemnation averted through the work of Jesus Christ

Jn 3:16-18; Jn 5:24; Ro 8:1-4 See also Ro 8:31-34

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