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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6115 blame
6115 blame

6115 blame

The state of having been accused, correctly or incorrectly, of doing something wrong. Guilt is felt as a result of having been justly blamed for a crime or wrong against a person. Scripture portrays blaming others as a natural human reaction to events. Blame may often be apportioned by people on the basis of a misunderstanding, whereas God’s blame of people is just. Christians should seek to lead blameless lives.

Blaming others: a basic human characteristic since the fall

Ge 3:12-13 Moses: Nu 20:5; Nu 21:5; Jos 22:15-18; 1Sa 22:13-15; 2Sa 3:8; 1Ki 18:17-18; Ne 5:4-5; Job 4:5-7; Job 8:6; Job 11:14-15; Jer 38:4; Jn 9:1-2; Jn 11:21; Ac 6:1

Blaming God

Jer 15:16-18 See also Job 2:9; Job 3:23; Ps 13:1-2; Ps 22:1-2; Ps 44:9-26; Ps 60:1-3; Ps 74:1-23; Ps 79:1-5; Isa 40:27

God justly blames his people for their sins

Heb 8:8 See also Ro 9:19

Warnings about falsely attributing blame

Pr 3:30 See also Ps 71:13; Ps 109:18-20,29; Ro 14:1-4; Ro 15:7

Dealing with blame

By confession Ps 32:5 See also Ps 51:3-7

By forgiveness Lk 23:34 See also Ge 50:19-21; Eph 4:31-32

By correcting misunderstandings Jos 22:13-34

God’s people should deal gently with those who deserve blame

Mt 18:15 See also Jas 5:19-20

God’s people should aim to live free from blame

Php 1:9-10 See also Ge 17:1; Ps 19:13; 1Co 1:8; Php 2:15; 1Th 3:13; 1Th 5:23

See also

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5202accusation, false

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