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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6112 banishment
6112 banishment

6112 banishment

A form of punishment in which the guilty party is expelled from a region and forbidden to return. An important example is the banishment of Adam and Eve from Eden as a result of their disobedience to God.

Banishment is a punishment for disobedience

Ezr 7:26 See also Ex 12:15; Ex 31:14; Lev 7:20-21; Nu 15:30

Banishment by God

Adam and Eve were banished from Eden because of their disobedience Ge 3:22-24

God banished kings as a punishment Nebuchadnezzar was banished from every human being because of his sin: Da 4:25,32-33
Eze 28:16-17 The king of Tyre was banished from God’s presence because of his sin.

God punished the people of Judah by banishing them from their land Jer 23:39 God also promised their return (Jer 32:37). See also Jer 8:3; Jer 24:9; Jer 25:10; Jer 27:10

At the final judgment, God will banish all evildoers Mt 7:23 See also Mt 8:12; Mt 22:13; Mt 25:46

Kings used banishment as a punishment

Saul expelled all mediums and spiritists from the land: 1Sa 28:3,9
1Ki 15:12 Asa banished all the shrine-prostitutes from the land.

The psalmists recognised banishment as the severest of punishments

Ps 5:10; Ps 31:22; Ps 37:22,28,34,38; Ps 51:11; Ps 71:9; Ps 125:5; Jnh 2:4 This portion of the book of Jonah is written in the same manner as the Psalms, i.e., as Hebrew poetry.

The church is to use banishment as a means of discipline

1Co 5:12-13 See also Dt 17:7; Dt 19:19; Dt 21:21; Dt 22:21,24; Dt 24:7

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