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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6109 alienation
6109 alienation

6109 alienation

A state of being separate or apart from something or someone, often accompanied by an awareness of the separation. Human beings are alienated from God on account of sin. Alienation is also encountered in other areas of life, including relations between believers, and between believers and secular society.

Alienation from God because of sin

Sin causes separation from God Gal 5:4 Those seeking to justify themselves cut themselves off from Jesus Christ’s saving work; Col 1:21 See also Isa 59:1-2; Eze 39:23-24

Seen in discomfort in God’s presence Ge 3:8-10 See also Isa 6:5; Lk 5:8

Seen in defeat in battle Dt 1:42 See also Nu 14:41-45; Jos 7:11-12; Jdg 2:11-15

Seen in unanswered prayer Isa 59:1-2 See also Dt 1:45; Ps 66:18; Pr 1:28-30; Isa 1:15

Seen in unaccepted worship Isa 1:11-14; Am 5:21-23; Mal 1:10

Seen in lost closeness with God Ge 3:23-24; Ex 33:3; Isa 64:7; Eze 8:6; Hos 5:6; Jnh 1:3

A sense of alienation from God

Feelings of alienation Ps 22:1; Isa 49:14 See also Ps 39:12; Ps 42:3-4,9-10; Ps 44:23-24; Isa 40:27; La 2:1; Mt 27:46 pp Mk 15:34 Jesus Christ’s alienation from God as he bore the consequences of human sin was felt and actual.

The reassurance of God’s concern Isa 49:15-16 See also Isa 43:1-5; Isa 44:21; Isa 54:7; Jer 31:20

Alienation from others

Alienation caused by a third party Pr 16:28 See also Pr 17:9; Gal 4:17 False teachers in Galatia tried to drive a wedge between Paul and the church.

Examples of alienation Ge 3:7 Man and woman; Ge 4:3-8 Cain and Abel; Ge 27:41 Jacob and Esau; 1Sa 18:8-9 Saul and David; Job 19:13-19 Job and his family and friends; Ps 69:8 the psalmist and his family; Jer 12:6 Jeremiah and his family; Ac 15:39 Paul and Barnabas; Eph 2:12 Jew and Gentile

Overcoming alienation

Being reconciled to God Col 1:22 See also Ro 5:11; 2Co 5:18-20; 1Pe 2:25

Reconciliation with others Col 3:13 See also Lev 19:18; Mt 5:23-24

Examples of reconciliation Ge 33:4 Jacob and Esau; Ge 50:19-21 Joseph and his brothers; Eph 2:14-16 Jew and Gentile

God’s people are aliens in the world

Jn 15:18-19 See also Jn 17:16; Php 3:20; Heb 11:13-16; 1Pe 2:11

Responsibility to the alien

God’s concern for the outsider Ps 146:9 See also Dt 10:18; Jer 30:17

The example of Jesus Christ Mt 9:10-11 pp Mk 2:15-16 pp Lk 5:29-30 Jesus Christ welcomed those who had been alienated by the rest of society. See also Mt 8:2-3 pp Mk 1:40-42 pp Lk 5:12-13 Jesus Christ touched the “untouchable” man with leprosy; Mt 11:19 pp Lk 7:34

Equal treatment for the alien Lev 19:34 See also Ex 12:48-49; Lev 24:22

Ensuring justice for the alien Dt 24:17 The weaker members of Israelite society are of special concern. See also Ex 22:21; Jer 22:3; Zec 7:9-10

Special provision for the alien Lev 23:22 God makes special provision for the poor so that they will have a share in the blessings of the land. See also Lev 19:10; Dt 24:20; Dt 14:28-29 The third year’s tithe is shared with those without inheritance in the land.

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