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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6040 sinners
6040 sinners

6040 sinners

All who have sinned. The term tends to be used in particular of those regarded as outside God’s covenant of grace, whose sins are therefore not forgiven.

The universality of sinful behaviour

Only Jesus Christ is sinless 1Pe 2:22 See also Isa 53:9; 2Co 5:21; Heb 4:15; Heb 7:26; 1Jn 3:5

Everyone else has sinned Gal 3:22 See also 1Ki 8:46; Ro 3:9-19,23; Ro 5:12,19

God’s mercy towards sinners

God graciously extends mercy to sinners within the covenant Ps 25:8-10 See also 1Ki 8:30; Ps 86:5; Ps 130:8; Da 9:9; 1Jn 1:9

Jesus Christ died for sinners Ro 5:8; 1Ti 1:15 See also Ro 8:3

Sinners as those whose behaviour excludes them from God’s covenant

Prostitutes, tax collectors, idolatrous Gentiles and the ungodly Lk 15:1 See also Dt 23:17-18; 1Sa 15:18; Lk 3:12; Lk 7:37-38; Gal 2:15; 1Th 4:5; 1Pe 4:18; Pr 11:31; 2Pe 2:5-6

Such sinners shunned by the Jews Lk 7:39 See also Ps 1:1; Pr 1:10-16

The judgment of sinners

Prayers seeking their judgment Ps 104:35 See also Ps 109:6-20; Ps 137:7-9; Ps 139:19

They are cut off from God Isa 59:2 See also Ps 66:18; Pr 15:29; Isa 1:15; Jn 9:31; 1Co 6:9-10

They receive their just reward Pr 13:21-22 See also Ps 1:5; Ps 34:16; Ps 37:38; Ecc 2:26

Prophecies of their judgment Isa 1:28 See also Isa 13:9; Isa 33:14; Jer 4:18; Am 9:10

Their final judgment 2Pe 3:7 See also Isa 66:24; 2Th 1:8-9; 2Pe 2:9; Jude 15

Jesus Christ’s attitude towards sinners

Jesus Christ’s association with sinners Mt 9:9-13 pp Mk 2:14-17 pp Lk 5:27-32 Jesus Christ’s attitude and behaviour were radically different from that of his contemporaries. See also Lk 15:1-10; Lk 19:5-10; Ro 5:8; 1Ti 1:15-16

Jesus Christ extended God’s forgiveness to sinners and welcomed them into his kingdom Mt 21:31-32 See also Mt 9:2-7 pp Mk 2:3-12 pp Lk 5:18-25; Lk 7:40-50; Lk 15:11-32; Lk 18:9-14; Lk 19:9; Jn 8:3-11

Jesus Christ’s behaviour led to accusations that he himself was a sinner Jn 9:16,24

Jesus Christ’s refusal to accept sinful behaviour Jn 8:10-11 See also Mt 4:17; Mt 18:8-9 pp Mk 9:43-48; Jn 5:14

Jesus Christ’s use of the example of sinners to teach his disciples Lk 6:32-34 pp Mt 5:46-47 See also Lk 16:1-9

Sinners in the church

Those who fall into sin should be restored Jas 5:19-20 See also Ps 51:13; Mt 18:12-15; Gal 6:1

Unrepentant sinners should be expelled Mt 18:15-17 See also 1Co 5:9-11

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