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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6026 sin, God’s judgment on
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6026 sin, God’s judgment on

6026 sin, God’s judgment on

Sin comes under the judgment of God, in that it contradicts his nature and opposes his purposes.

God’s judgment on sin

God is the judge of sin Isa 26:21 See also Ps 99:8; Isa 13:11; Am 3:14; Zep 1:12; 1Th 4:6

God’s judgment is certain Ro 2:12 See also Ps 37:38; Pr 11:21; Heb 9:27

God’s judgment is in proportion to the seriousness of the sin Jer 21:14 See also Dt 25:2; Isa 59:18; Mt 7:1-5; Lk 12:47-48; Ro 2:5-6

God’s judgment under the Sinaitic covenant Ex 20:5 pp Dt 5:9 The Sinaitic covenant makes references to the judgment of future generations for the sins of their parents but, as a principle, this is abolished by later prophets. Curses for disobedience formed part of God’s covenant with Israel: Lev 26:14-39; Dt 28:15-68
Jer 31:29-30; Eze 18:1-32

John the Baptist and Jesus Christ warn of judgment Mt 3:10 pp Lk 3:9 See also Mt 3:12; Mt 7:19; Mt 12:36-37; Mk 9:42-49

Ways in which God judges sin

God causes sin to bring evil to the sinner 2Ch 6:23 See also Dt 19:19; Est 7:10; Ps 7:15-16; Isa 30:13

God abandons people Isa 64:7 See also Dt 31:17-18; Jos 7:11-12; La 4:16; Eze 39:23-24

Unrepentant sinners to be expelled from the church Mt 18:17 See also 1Co 5:1-13

God exercises judgment through a country’s legal system 1Pe 2:14 See also Ro 13:3-4

Untimely death is God’s judgment on all sin Ge 2:17 See also Lev 20:1-17; 1Ch 10:13; Pr 11:19; Ro 1:32; 1Co 11:29-30

Sinners are excluded from the kingdom of God Rev 22:15 See also 1Co 6:9-10; Gal 5:9-21; Rev 21:27

Occasions of God’s judgment on sin

OT examples Ge 3:16-24 expulsion from Eden; Ge 6:1-7:24 the flood; Ge 18:20-19:29 Sodom and Gomorrah; Dt 9:1-5 The Canaanites (the Anakites were earlier inhabitants of Canaan). The exile of Israel and Judah: 2Ki 17:7-23; 2Ki 24:10-20

The destruction of Jerusalem Lk 11:47-51; Lk 13:34-35

God’s final judgment of the world Rev 21:8 See also Isa 66:24; Mt 25:31-46; 2Th 1:8-9; 2Pe 3:7; Jude 7

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