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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5979 waste
5979 waste

5979 waste

The misuse and squandering of resources. God condemns the waste of resources which he provides, especially spiritual provisions such as grace and opportunity. Sometimes extravagance in God’s service is mistaken for waste.

Waste of material resources

Squandering is folly Lk 15:13-16 See also Pr 21:20; Pr 29:3; Lk 16:1; Jas 5:1-6; 1Pe 4:3-5

As a consequence of yielding to temptation Pr 29:3 See also Pr 5:7-14

Jesus Christ avoids waste Jn 6:12-13

Spiritual resources should not be wasted

God’s grace Jnh 2:8 See also Jn 12:35-36; 2Co 6:1; Gal 4:9-11; Heb 10:26-29,35; 2Pe 2:21

God-given abilities Mt 25:14-30; Lk 19:12-27

Opportunities for service Eph 5:16 See also Jn 9:4; Gal 6:10; Col 4:5

Spiritual teaching Mt 7:6 Spiritual teaching is wasted if inappropriate to the spiritual capacity of the hearers. See also Pr 9:7; Pr 23:9; 1Co 2:14

Examples of wasted lives

Esau Esau lived for the pleasures of the moment and threw away his spiritual inheritance: Ge 25:29-34; Heb 12:16

Samson Jdg 16:18-21 Though Samson did retrieve something at the end of his life, his spiritual gift of supernatural strength was largely wasted through his indulgence in sexual immorality.

King Saul 1Sa 16:21; 2Sa 1:17-27 Through natural strength and spiritual gifts Saul had the prospect of establishing a successful royal dynasty. The future was lost through disobedience and the end of his reign was wasted through jealousy.

Judas Iscariot Mt 27:3-5 Judas had the best of opportunities—three years with Jesus Christ. This was thrown away in a moment of personal ambition.

Devotion to God is not waste

Mt 26:6-13 pp Mk 14:3-9 See also Jn 12:1-8

Waste as the destruction of life and land

The frailty of human beings Job 13:28 See also Job 33:21; Ps 32:3; La 4:9; 2Co 4:16

Waste as a result of the judgment of God Jer 34:22 See also Lev 26:31-33,39; Nu 5:21; Dt 28:22; Dt 29:23; Dt 32:24; Ps 106:43; Isa 24:1,3; Eze 4:17; Hos 5:9

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