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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5971 uniqueness
5971 uniqueness

5971 uniqueness

The quality of being without an equal. Scripture stresses the uniqueness of God and of the salvation that is available only from him. Jesus Christ is the unique mediator between God and humanity.

The uniqueness of God

Isa 40:25 See also Ex 8:10; 1Sa 2:2; Isa 40:18; 1Ti 1:17; 1Ti 6:15-16; Jude 25

As a forgiver of sins Mk 2:7

The uniqueness of the Trinity

The three persons are distinct All use the first person singular pronoun: Jn 12:28; Jn 17:4; Ac 13:2
1Co 12:4-6; Eph 4:4-5

God is one Dt 6:4 See also Isa 44:6; Isa 45:5-6; Eph 4:6; Jas 2:9

There is plurality in the Godhead Ge 1:26-27; Ge 3:22; Ge 11:5-7; Isa 6:8; Mt 28:20; 2Co 13:14

The uniqueness of Jesus Christ

As God’s Son Jn 3:16 NIV footnote “only begotten” indicates that Jesus Christ is the unique Son of God, in origin, eternity and nature. See also Jn 1:18; Col 1:15; Heb 1:1-3,8,9

As the mediator between God and humanity 1Ti 2:5 See also Jn 1:14; Heb 8:6

As the sacrifice for sin Heb 7:27 See also Ro 6:10; Heb 9:12; Heb 10:10,14,18

As the Saviour Ac 4:12; Jn 14:6 See also 1Jn 5:12

As the foundation 1Co 3:11

The uniqueness of Scripture

Jude 3 See also 2Ti 3:15-16; Heb 1:1-2; Rev 22:18-19

Each human being is unique

Ps 139:13-16 See also Jer 1:5; Gal 1:15

Each believer is unique

Rev 2:17 See also Isa 43:1; Jn 10:3; 1Co 8:3; 1Co 12:21; Gal 4:9; 2Ti 2:19

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