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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5966 tenderness
5966 tenderness

5966 tenderness

Physically, the state of being soft or easily damaged. Tenderness in relationships is an expression of love and affection which, in the case of God, is often linked with compassion for his people.

Physical tenderness

Of new plant growth Eze 17:22 See also Dt 32:2; 2Ki 19:26; Isa 37:27; Isa 53:2; Mt 24:32 pp Mk 13:28

Of meat Ge 18:7

Of the young and immature Pr 4:3 See also Ge 33:13; Isa 47:1

Tenderness in relationships

Human love and affection Ge 34:3 See also 2Sa 1:26; SS 7:10; Lk 15:20

God’s tenderness Isa 40:1-2; Lk 1:78 See also Dt 32:10-14; Isa 30:18; Isa 54:10; Isa 63:15; Jer 31:3,20; Hos 2:14; Hos 11:1-4; Zep 3:17

The tenderness of Jesus Christ Mk 10:16 See also Mt 9:36; Mt 14:14; Mt 23:37; Mk 1:41; Jn 11:33-36; Jn 19:26-27

A mark of Christian behaviour Php 2:1-2 See also 1Co 4:21; Php 1:8; Col 3:12; 1Pe 3:8

See also

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1085God, love of
2015Christ, compassion
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