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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5962 surprises
5962 surprises

5962 surprises

People are often taken unawares by God’s power, love and wisdom. The actions of God and Jesus Christ are often described as surprising those who witnessed them.

God’s actions surprise people

Surprise at the sudden appearance of angels Lk 1:11-12 See also Da 8:16-17; Lk 1:28-29; Lk 2:9; Ac 10:3-4

Surprise deliverance Da 3:26-27; Ac 5:19-24; Ac 12:14-18; Ac 28:6

Surprise at special births Lk 1:29-34 See also Ge 17:17; Lk 1:18

Surprise at the circumstances of Jesus Christ’s death Mt 27:54

Surprise at the coming of the Holy Spirit Ac 2:6-7 See also Ac 10:45

Surprise at the change in people’s lives Ac 9:21 See also Mk 5:15 pp Lk 8:35

Surprise at the second coming Mt 24:44 pp Lk 12:40 See also Mal 3:1; Mt 24:50 pp Lk 12:46; Mt 25:6,13; Mk 13:36; Lk 21:34; 1Th 5:4

Surprise at discernment Mt 25:37-39,44; Lk 5:22; Jn 4:19; Ac 5:5,11

Jesus Christ surprised people

Surprise at Jesus Christ’s moral requirements Mt 5:20 See also Mt 5:48; Mt 18:21-22

Surprise at Jesus Christ’s humility Jn 13:6

Surprise at Jesus Christ’s control of natural elements Mt 8:27 pp Mk 4:41 pp Lk 8:25 See also Mt 14:25-26 pp Mk 6:49-50; Mt 21:20; Lk 5:9; Jn 2:8-10; Jn 6:14

Surprise at the company Jesus Christ kept Mk 2:16 pp Mt 9:11 pp Lk 5:30 See also Lk 7:39

Surprise at Jesus Christ’s healings Mk 7:37 See also Mt 9:6-8,33; Mt 15:31; Mk 5:42 pp Lk 8:56

Surprise at the requirements for entry into the kingdom of heaven Mt 19:13-15 pp Mk 10:13-16 pp Lk 18:15-17; Mt 19:24-25 pp Mk 10:23-26 pp Lk 18:25-26

Surprise at Jesus Christ’s teaching authority Mk 1:22 pp Lk 4:32 See also Mt 7:28-29; Mt 22:33; Mk 6:2-4 pp Mt 13:53-54; Mk 11:18; Jn 7:15

Surprise at the wisdom of Jesus Christ Mt 22:22 pp Mk 12:17 pp Lk 20:26

Surprise at the expectations of Jesus Christ Mt 14:16-17 pp Mk 6:37 pp Lk 9:13 pp Jn 6:7-9 See also Mt 15:33-36 pp Mk 8:4-6

Surprise at Jesus Christ’s authority in the spiritual realm Mk 1:27 pp Lk 4:36 See also Mk 5:15-17 pp Mt 8:33-34 pp Lk 8:35-37

Surprise at Jesus Christ’s disregard for Jewish customs Lk 11:38 See also Mk 7:5 pp Mt 15:2; Jn 4:27

Surprise at Jesus Christ’s rejection of religious words and actions Mt 7:21-23; Lk 13:26-27

Surprise at Jesus Christ bringing back the dead Lk 7:14-16 See also Mk 5:42 pp Lk 8:56

Surprise at the post-resurrection appearance of Jesus Christ Lk 24:36-37

Jesus Christ is surprised by people’s reactions

By the great faith of an unlikely person Mt 8:10 pp Lk 7:9

By lack of faith among God’s people Mk 6:4-6 pp Mt 13:57-58

By the dullness of his followers Mt 15:16 pp Mk 7:18 See also Mt 16:9-11 pp Mk 8:17-18

By lack of spiritual insight Jn 14:9 See also Jn 3:10

Surprises for believers

Surprise at suffering 1Pe 4:12 See also 1Jn 3:13

Surprise at divine revelation Lk 24:32 See also Ac 10:17; Ac 11:15

Surprises caused by believers

Surprising courage Ac 4:13 See also Da 3:13

Surprise at miracles Ac 3:11-12; Ac 8:13; Ac 14:11

Surprise at the teaching about Jesus Christ Ac 13:12

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